25 Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas

25+ awesome halloween costumes when you're sporting a baby bump.

Okay, I love Hallowe’en. So much so that I sometimes use the little apostrophe between the ‘e’s.

When I was pregnant with my first son, the holiday crept up on me and couldn’t think of anything good so I didn’t dress up. I was barely  pregnant on October 31st the second time around so I lost out again. I’m not going to be pregnant again so it’s up to you, my legions of awesome pregnant ladies, to rock the kick ass Halloween costumes!

Here are some neat ideas I found in my usual online trolling:

1. I am incredibly impressed that this woman can pull off a bikini this pregnant. I wouldn’t have looked like this. I’ll just leave it at that. This one wouldn’t really work in colder places but if you live in a warmer climate, you’re probably hot anyway so this is a good excuse to  let it all hang out. Welcome to Wonderland

2. Is it just me, or does the toddler add to this costume? Lochaven on Flickr

3. When I first saw this I actually thought she was holding a pumpkin. I thought “well, that would be heavy to carry around all the time.” Why, yes. Yes it is heavy to carry that around all the damn time. coolest-homemade-costumes.com

4. I think this one would rock even more if your better half had a bit of a gut and he sported the bare belly with you. coolest-homemade-costumes.com

5. I am beyond impressed with how cool this costume is (and how skinny her ass is). funcoast.com

6. Anything that depicts trailer trash in any way, shape or form, will always get a thumbs up from me. christyallbee.com

7. See point six. Just gold. Whirligig Bug

8. Okay, I know this woman isn’t pregnant but somebody on Facebook posted this as an idea and I thought it was great. Do the egg part then do a little belly cut-out for the yolk and add the horns for a devilled egg. Clev-ah! devilhalloweencostumes

9. I thought this was such a simple idea but very cool. Ni-Chem on Flickr

10. I loved the idea of tying your costume in to your kid’s. How sweet are both these peanuts?! lilsugar.com

11. Okay, there were some costumes that were all axe murderer and they upset me because I’m all stupid and sensitive now that I have kids but, for some reason, I found this one awesome. You may not agree. coolest-homemade-costumes.com

12. This person isn’t pregnant (at least I don’t think so) but what a great little outfit. Non? coolest-homemade-costumes.com

13. Again, this may fall into the offensive arena for some but it you’re twisted like I am, Fat Bastard is a winner. I think this costume comes with an inflatable part that you could half inflate or just ditch. costumecraze.com

14. Nothing, and I mean nothing, would be better than being 37 weeks pregnant and dressing up as Elvis in the Vegas-bring-a-gun-to-the-White-House-drug-years. Costume Finder

15. I loved the movie Juno so I think this is a great idea. Plus, you get to walk around with a giant container of Sunny D. Mama Said We Could Draw

16. Okay, technically I know Quinn from Glee wasn’t allowed to wear her Cheerio uniform while she was pregnant but I think a little creative license is warranted here and this would make a great costume. entertainment.ca.msn.com

17. Always classic (like a dog with sunglasses on) and the funny never gets old for me. pregnancy.thefuntimesguide.com

18. I thought this was a great costume for when you’re pregnant and couldn’t believe I couldn’t find any examples online. Humph. adultsantacostume.com

19. Peep? C’mon. Awesome. anniescostumes.com

20. I hope this poor kid never discovers he’s used as an example in a pregnancy website but I thought this would be an excellent costume to wear if you weren’t ready to share the pregnancy news yet. It might be a little a hard to pee in although, I guess you’d just slide out of it to go. instructables.com

21. This is another great pregnancy disguise but this would also make a fantastic costume if you just wore all red and had the KoolAid face positioned over your belly. Plus, you could crash through walls and scream “oh yeah!!” baltimoresun.com

22. Another great pregnancy cover-up. I think she’s a little obvious with the “tissues” line though – I’d put “blow me”. homemadesimple.ca

23. I recognise that this is hardly practical but this guy’s See’s Box of Chocolates costume just blew my mind. He made this damn thing himself. You could make your belly the second one down from your face!! No? Okay, well you can’t say I didn’t try. makezine.com

24. Love, LOVE this idea. coolest-homemade-costumes.com

25. I saw a few “bun in the oven” costumes but I thought this one was executed the best. You could also just dress up as a chef and put a “bun in the oven” label over your belly similar to the ladies in costumes 9 and 10. Lessons in Patience

A few honourable mentions:

I love Gary Larson and I love this kind of humour. Costumes for Less

I had to include this pregnant Sea Monkey guy because it was just too WTF not to share. My Sea Monkeys are Dying

Whoa. That’s all I’ve got. boortz.com

That’s it! Hopefully you found some great ideas and if you have any others let me know and for the love of God, send me pictures if you dress up to amy@pregnantchicken.com. I’ll add them to the list!

Happy Hallowe’en!!!

You can find even more great ideas in my second post and below!

But wait, there’s more! 

Here are some of the incredible costumes you’ve sent along to add to the inspiration! 

A brilliant gal named, Caren sent me this wicked costume. In her email she wrote, “My head was supposed to be Jupiter, but it didn’t turn out as well as I’d planned.  If I were doing it over, I’d make a jupiter hat instead of going the bald cap/face paint route.”

It’s totally the shitz!!!


Tiffany went as this fab sumo wrestler! She said, “I went as a Sumo Wrestler when I was pregnant in 2008. It was a big hit. I made the “diaper” out of black felt. And.. attach the nipples with something other than masking tape. One of mine fell off during the dance party. :)”



I think going as Charile Brown and Snoopy is just brilliant.


Emily sent me this brilliant “boob” costume. I love it because it’s just so simple yet has that “tee hee” factor. She wrote, “I used eye shadow for the areola and a baby bottle nipple for the nipple. I stuck it on with Vaseline, since I was staying home, but I suppose you could use spirit gum and it would stay on really well.”


I love this simple, smart costume Danielle sent me. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant and dressed up as a Speed Bump. Comfy and easy. Too bad she was on bed rest so no one got to see it (until now!).



This awesome costume came to me from Piper at Her Ace in the Hole. She wrote: “Last Halloween I found myself HUGELY pregnant, and while I first thought I did not have the energy to come up with a costume, I found myself that night a little jazzed by the idea of a FREE TRAILER TRASH PASS.  The whole costume I found in my own home!  And I made my own fake cigarette since there were no real ones around – but it looked real!!  Notice the tall-boy PBR sticking out of my pocket.  That is real.  And the Hooters half-shirt. At the Halloween party, a couple of the guys were so freaked out by this costume they couldn’t even look my way. The baby was born 2 weeks later and she is now sixteen months old.  I’m done with pregnancy and Halloween will NEVER be as fun.”

Side note: Check out how nice her skin is. I think I kind of hate her now. 



Love this Mike Wazowski costume from Monsters Inc. One of her kids went as Sully, and the other as Boo. Too perfect.



Love, love, love the idea of adding these black velvet cutouts to an orange sweater for an office appropriate costume.


I would have never dreamed of dressing as a Hole In One for halloween, but this is one kick ass costume! I love it and her blog too.


Love this adorable Milkman and the Housewife costume is compliments of Rochelle, Josh, and little Lola (who didn’t know she was in on the joke). They won their halloween contest with this creative idea.


See! I knew dressing up as Elvis would look awesome. Thanks for sending it, Laurel!


How easy is this Staples “Easy” button costume? Smart.


Next year I’m going to dress as this wicked costume Brandy made – pregnant or not.


“On the pregnancy costume front, we were ready to “go public” with our news at Halloween, which made my costume choice inappropriate but funny.  I thought you might get a kick out of it.”– Natasha 

“On Halloween 2009 I was 6 months pregnant, and made my own costume…store bought ones never fit me unpregnant! ha! So I took my old Choir Dress, a red shirt and went to work! I had the veil and the rose from an old Halloween outfit! I went as a black widow! So many adults asked me what I was…but one 8yr old boy walked by with his mom and said “Hey looks it’s Black Widow” haha.”– Britny  

Love this speed bump from Athena! 

“My husband applied all the masking tape & my Aunt Photo Shopped the cars on” 

Clever AND spooky!


I think this troll doll costume Melany sent me (including the belly gem) is brilliant. She made the wig herself with plastic mesh covered in wool roving.


Someone posted this one on a message board and I just had to include it. Just think, if she decides to breastfeed, she has a wonderful nursing outfit that grants her easy access to her breasts. Plus, the jaunty cap would help draw your eye upward to detract from any baby weight she may still be carrying.

What a smart, frugal mother she is! ; )

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  • Very creative Halloween costumes all of these pregnant women has been tried out!! I really like each one but my favorite one is the last image one, where she dresses totally an interesting piece of outfit, and she is looking very sexy as well. Thanks.

  • I’m going to be 37 weeks pregnant this week for Halloween. Haven’t decided for sure yet but I think it would be cute if my husband went as Tom Hanks in Castaway and I went as Wilson…

  • I did the sunny side up egg a few years ago. It was definitely a hit. Cut a hole out of the white poster board and wear a yellow shirt underneath. Even better is if you can get some friends to be the rest of breakfast with you.

  • 2 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first, I went as "16 and Pregnant" and even had a "Crew" member follow me around with a video camera. I bought an outfit and accessories at Wal-Mart and had a cute little backpack and a mouth full of chewing gum. We had a great time at our party! 🙂

  • Im about 22 weeks and showing already. But was thinking about painting a big flower on my tummy and have my 1 year old daughter dress up as a bumblebee.:) I'm planning on saying that she 'stung' my tummy and now it's all swollen. But love the other ideas as well.

  • I was 8 months pregnant when I had to take my two year old to halloween parties and t.o.t.ing. My girl already had a duckie costume, so I bought a yellow tshirt and a bunch of felt and pipe cleaners. I made my belly a giant egg, a nest around my waist (only to my sides) the pipe cleaners were sticks/twigs, and Made wings by glueing cheap yellow feathers to felt on my sleeves (safety pinned to be able to take off easily). I made sure to draw a huge crack on the egg because I really was ready to bust that baby chick out!! When I find a pic, I will post!
    For my first child, I was literally 9 months pregnant (she was born a week later). I dressed in all black, glued a red hourglass on my belly (like in the above pic). Only difference from teh one above, I sewed tubes (4 total) of black material. Inverted them and stuffed with balled up newspaper (very lightweight) and attacked two on each side with safety pins. I then attached the ends by string to my wrists, so that every time I moved my arms, the other two went in sync with them. Wore a black wig with cleapatra makeup. SO fun! Again, I don't have pics. Sorry!

  • I love love love the eight ball costume. That is a costume that would be appropriate in the office as well as passing out candy to kids. That is my costume for this year.

  • That's it. I'm dressing up as Juno for Halloween and my husband can suck it! Since I may be pregnant and I'm in high school home school that just seems fitting. And yes any boo boo sayers I've been married for 3 years now.

  • I did the white trash costume similer tot he one you used exept we pretended my hubby was the pregnant lady! Boy was it fun! I will be just as big this year and am not sure what to do? we are farmers so the pumpkin is cute but my husband is also a plumber so the house wife with a plumber instead of milkman may also work…

  • When I was pregnant with my second (3 days before delivery) I dressed up as a solar system by attaching craft wire and painted styrofoam balls to a belt, then painted my belly as the sun. It was so fun! There was a costume website that included it in their list, but I can't find it anymore…

  • Really fun ideas!!! I was about 7 months along with my son on Halloween a few years ago. I went in a green skirt and a matching green tube top, pinned leaves on it, and painted my tummy as a globe. I used face paint to put a leaf on my cheek and went as "Mother Earth". It was a big hit, but I think what made the costume even better is that my husband wore a long white robe, wig, and a clock hanging from his neck and accompanied me as "Father Time". Just another idea!!!

  • I've always thought it would be really fun to dress up as the Virgin Mary "with child" for Hallowe'en. Unfortunately, my due date is Oct. 18 and there's no way this huge baby is gonna stay in 'til then… so now I just have to think of awesome ideas to dress up a brand-new baby. I can't do Baby Jesus… just can't… 🙂

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and last year was a challenge being 8 months pregnant. I had a few ideas but this one was the winner. 🙂

  • A friend of mine was pregnant for Halloween last year, and she and her hubby dressed up as a preggers 50s housewife and the milkman. Hilarious!! This year I'll be about 8 1/2 months along, and going out with my toddler, so I'm trying to think of something cute we can be together. The elephant and peanut is adorable!

  • Last year a friend of mine was about 6 months pregnant and went as a belly dancer. I don't have a picture but I thought it was pretty creative. I am going to be about 8 1/2 months pregnant so I was looking for ideas and these were all very excellent ideas so we'll see what I end up going as.

  • The year I was pregnant on Halloween I went as a pregnant cat. I wore all black and made myself a tail and ears. The funny part was that I poked baby bottle nipples through the front of my shirt! Someone would come and talk to me totally unawares and then look down and find themselves struck dumb. "A-are those nipples?" Yes, I'm a pregnant cat, helllooo! It was super cute.

  • I know this is much later. But, a friend just posted the link on facebook and I thought my idea was pretty clever. I dressed my dog up as a little cow and painted a moon on a black shirt with glow in the dark paint to go over my belly. I have a little mini- dachshund that loved to sit on my belly when I was pregnant, which inspired the whole cow jumping over the moon thing. Check out pictures.

  • My husband and I went as "The Pregnant Housewife" and "The Milkman" this year for Halloween. We got a ton of laughs. We almost went as Pregnant Mary and Joseph, my husband thought this idea was great because it could be used next year too – you know, our baby as Jesus. We were told we were "offside" but I thought it was hilarious.

  • My sister made a costume that was a white jogging suit with torn cloths wrapped all around it. She put letters on the back stating, "Mummy to be". It was really cute and turned out to be a hit at my work costume party and also at hers. Our pregnancies were almost exactly a year apart. Cute Cute idea if you are creative.

  • My hubby and I went as Juno and Bleaker a couple years ago. I wasn't pregnant, but I found a round pillow and put it in my shirt and a bunch of people thought I actually was expecting. This kind of made me wonder what they had thought of me, since my sunny D container was spiked with vodka and I was hosed. Now that I am pregnant I wish we hadn't already done it…

  • No way!!! That is fantastic!! So happy you stopped by and that you like the site. Thanks for sharing that image somewhere in the internet universe so I could steal it and use it as a wicked costume idea!! Viva la Peanut!!!

  • Ha! This is my first time visiting your site (love it, by the way), and imagine my surprise to see my photo! I'm the one with the elephant and peanut ;). That was last year, and such a fun Halloween!! All the costumes are hilarious, and your site is great. Happy Halloween!

  • I so bummed that I'm not showing yet… 🙁 I'll be 20 weeks on Halloween and I was going to go as a pumpkin (if I was showing) but now I have to decide between some much better ideas!

  • Such incredible ideas, Guys! Thanks so much for posting them!

    Keep 'em coming and I can't wait for pictures!

  • I am 33 weeks pregnant and im gonna be a Speed Bump ill post a pic for you after Saturday.. i saw a woman dressed as one several years ago and thought it was so cute.. i would always tell my prego friends to do it but no one ever did so im so excited that i actually get to do it for my self 🙂

  • I was 8 months pregnant last year and my husband and I went as Mario and an "extra life" I was comfortable!

  • Last year I was nine months pregnant. I glued a nipple to my stomach and was a giant breast. Totally my favorite costume ever!

  • I haven't had any close friends who are pregnant, so I'm terribly glad I saw this is time and can now force all of them to do amazing halloween costumes with the baby – Halloween has never been as cool.

    Except when I was a ballerina that year.

    I rocked it.

  • These rock! I wasn't nearly SO creative, but I was "Mother Earth" and my hubby was "Father Time" when I was preggers. I just added earth shaped patches to a blue dress added a crown of plant material etc. and my husband was an old guy in a robe etc.

  • When I was 8 months pregnant last halloween, my little toddler girl was Boo from Monsters Inc, my husband was Sully, and I was Mike Wazowski. I couldn't rock the bare belly so I wore a green shirt with a huge eye on my belly made of felt. It was pretty cool. 🙂

  • Ooo! I LOVE the elephant and peanut. I hadn't picked a costume yet for my 2yr old, and since I am just now 10 weeks and not showing much yet, I can still pin on a peanut and get the point across…what a fun way to "announce" the new arrival while we are out trick or treating!

  • I was 8+ mos. and just Sharpied a jack-o-lantern face on an orange t-shirt, & wore black yoga pants. Wasn't feeling up for anything more elaborate at the time.
    These are some really great ideas, and I LOVE the idea to dress as Saturn!
    Glad you posted this – should come in handy for some.

  • Both pregnancies I was very pregnant (6 months and 8 months). My office mates thought that being a depressed pregnant lady wasn't very original. So I put on a witch hat. Costume FAIL. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween, but not as a preggo.

  • Visiting from Rants.
    The VERY FIRST thing that jumped into my mind was dressing up like Saturn. Wear all black. Get a hula hoop, paint your bump like the planet, maybe suspend the hoop with strings from your shoulders, and voila. perhaps wear stars pinned on yourself here and there.

    Geekery. I know.

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