Wicked Baby Halloween Costumes

If you’ve been reading for a while you probably know how much I love Halloween from my Maternity Halloween Costume post, but a few folks have been sending me baby costume pictures and I love them like sunglasses on dogs!

Here are a few that I think are just magical:

Ventriloquist’s Dummy: Can you say, brilliant to the nice people?

Baby Alien: They come out at night mostly. Mostly.

Nacho Libre: Do you remember when everyone was shouting my name, and I used my strength to rip my blouse?

Baby Taco: To this child I say, “Si” and “Mucho gracias”.

Cabbage Patch Kid: This costume just blows my mind. I’ll take two, please.

Flower Baby: You may have wondered what that high pitched squealing was about an hour ago when I found this picture. Now you know.

Hot Dog Vendor and Hot Dog (with a side of monkey awesome): So simple and so brilliant only made better by the fact that the baby has no idea its dressed up like a wiener.

Curious George and the Man the Big Yellow Hat: How cool is a father that dresses up tip to toe in yellow? That’s a lucky monkey.

Thing 1 and Thing 2: The precious little faces on these babies makes my teeth ache they are so sweet. If they came to my door their parents would be leaving with Thing None.

Baby on Board: This baby won’t shit up its back or hinder your Halloween drinking. Nicely done, sir.

Baby Man: A little bonus for you. This is 18 kinds of awesome and this I pray that this is his online dating profile pick.

Happy Halloween!

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  • My sister went as the man with the yellow hat while her daughter (less than a year old) went as curious George. Very cute! 🙂

  • It's so cute looking at this babies wearing different costumes. oday costuming has become popular. Sometimes it’s just so hard to decide what to wear. But this is fun especially when there is an event.

  • I am not kidding, our pediatrician dressed as the man with the yellow hat for Halloween, but it was our first visit with him (happened to be Halloween). Well, you can imagine that without his son present and hanging in his arms, my husband and I were perplexed. He seemed so normal, yet dressed so bizarre. Finally about half way through the exam I yelled out "OMG! Curious George!"

    My husband was still confused when we left the office. I had to explain why it was totally o.k. to keep this guy as our kids pediatrician.

  • So stealing the man in the yellow hat with curious baby monkey idea when my little monkey is old enough. So. Awesome. His father will have no say in the matter. He will wear the outfit and he will like it.

  • Ha ha so funny! I love the taco one.. My 7 month old is going as a cupcake and I am going as a 50's housewife that just baked a fresh batch of cupcakes.. I think one of the best things about being a mom is dressing your kid up in ridiculous outfits. I figure its only fair since I have to clean their poop!

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