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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to get all techy and try to move my “List” items into the blog section. 

This means you will be flooded by updates and at first I’m sure you’ll think, “Wow, she’s really writing” and then you’ll be all, “She’s an asshole and needs to stop this nonsense”.

I’ll try to do it in chunks so it’s less annoying but please don’t unsubscribe. I love you and when I look at my subscriber stats it makes me happy.

May I offer this image of laser cats as my gift to you for understanding.

Thanks for being so cool. By the way, you look really great today!


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  • Wooohoo! You freakin crack me up!! I love your blog! And I love to see new posts soo yippeee…yeah mmhmm you know it, I have a boring job. I do but you brighten my day!

  • You got it. You continue to be in my top two favorite pregnancy websites (along with Alphamom's week by week guide to pregancy). Though your last post (or re-issued post) about vitamin a and liver (I happen to love chicken liver, and foie gras) made me feel bad. I'm sure the two times I've had during pregnancy won't give my children flippers. plus, since i'm having twins they only get half the amount of bad stuff, right?

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