Site Redesign – An Exploration of My Stupidity

You may have noticed that things look a little different
around here. Well, a while back I figured out that many of you are viewing this
on mobile devices and the Burd was lookin’ pretty wee on my iPhone so I decided
I had to get all fancy and mobile friendly.

Seeing as I already have trouble posting between working
full-time, feeding kids and cleaning litter boxes, I figured that I’d better
get some help. So I found Trevor my web wizard from Hop Creative.

I chose Hop for a few reasons: I like his site, he wears
hipster glasses so he probably knows what he’s doing, he knows Squarespace, and
he’s from Halifax and anyone who knows anything, knows that the nicest people on
the planet are from the East Coast of Canada (even though the make fun of
Toronto when you’re drunk trying to eat a gyros after the Harbour Hopper tour).

So Trevor took the old site and quickly upgraded it to the
new Squarespace 6 platform and made it all fancy. Trevor is magic.

Now it was time for me to take the reins back. In the span
of two days I have successfully deleted two posts, tanked my Google Ads and
screwed up the Halloween post, you know, in October when people would want to
read it.

Fear not though, because I’m getting the hang of it!

I put the two posts back up – even though I had to reenter
your comments on the Round Up without names because I don’t know how to do
that, and I didn’t enter all the comments from the last giveaway because the
winner was chosen already and I was clearly on the brink of rocking in the
corner softly sobbing while drawing on the wall with coral lipstick as it was, so I skipped it.

It also helps that Squarespace is all kinds of awesome and
fixed some stuff that I had buggered up. I have no
doubt that there is a picture of me on their wall with “idiot” taped to it and
they add extra staff when I’m online, although, they never make me feel
bad. They always reply to my emails with “I’d be happy to help you with that”
even when I’ve asked them the most ridiculous question like why I couldn’t log
in even though, if I’m able to ask them that question, I’m clearly logged in.

So bear with me while I get familiar with the new format and
I’ll try not to delete the entire site.

If you’re in the market for a
website or blog, check out Squarespace by clicking below. I was able to do the
original site all by myself and that’s saying something considering I have trouble ordering pizza online.

Or if you need a little extra help, check out Hop Creative
and Trevor can wield his web wizard wisdom once again.

Thanks for your support, Peeps!

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  • If the links to other blogs could come back, too, that would be nice :D. I like dropping in on them when I’m done here, but I never can seem to remember all the urls … :-).

    • Indeed, this font is lovely! It has a very Verdana feel to it.

      Also, don’t waste your coral lipstick, isn’t that a really "in" colour right now? I think I have a gross brown one somewhere that I’d be happy to donate for your next breakdown… <3

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