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I’m always a little hesitant about weight loss programs for new moms. I think the media does a pretty bang up job of pressuring us to fit into a pair of size two jeans while walking around with a six week old, so I’m never looking to add to that ridiculous expectation. That said, if you’re ready to ditch the luscious, there’s no reason not to do it in a way that’s healthy and safe.

That’s why I’m so excited about Amelia Winslow and her her site, Eating Made Easy – it rocks it like Alexander Skarsgard’s ass.

Amelia is a new mom (March 2011), a nutrition expert and personal chef, and she offers an 8-week online class for moms called Lose the Baby Weight

It’s all about lifestyle with no gimmicks, no “get skinny quick” schemes and no fads. This is just good old-fashioned nutrition and exercise tips for new (or nearly-new) moms. 

I decided that I would give it a try to make sure it wasn’t some PX800 triathalon craziness that sleep-deprived breastfeeding mothers would end up collapsing at Gymboree gasping, “Give me a carb and an Advil.” Screw that nonsense.

Of course I was told that the class started the next day. Er, wait, I need to eat all the chips in the house and hit Burger King hard before starting any diet program, so I panicked a bit, but for you, my darlings, I powered through.

One of the best things about this class is that it’s held online. You don’t have to weigh in. You don’t have to stand up in front of everyone and tell them that you ate an entire bag of Family Sized chips and a container of sour cream with a packet of onion soup mix in one sitting. (What kind of pig would do that anyway?! *cough*) You don’t have to leave your baby with anyone. You don’t even have to get dressed.

All you do is listen in and go about your business. You can chime in at anytime by typing in a question and Amelia will address it. So you can feed a fussy baby in one arm and type, “r carbs really that bad?” with the other. It’s fantastic because no one can hear you yelling at your dog to stop eating spit up off the floor. (For the record I wouldn’t yell at the dog because that’s the point of having one, isn’t it?)

Even if you need to skip a class, you can hear the recorded session so you’re never missing out.  

I think the thing I loved most about the class is that Amelia “gets it”. She likes food and understands the appeal of sitting in front of the t.v. with a bowl of ice cream. I have nothing against gym bunnies and clean eaters, but people that get up at 4am to work out and takes celery sticks to a party as a snack aren’t always the best people to give you weight loss advice – they just think, “Don’t eat shit and move more. What’s the problem?” The problem is bacon tastes amazing. Red wine is amazing. An entire sleeve of Oreos is amazing. Dear God, an entire sleeve of Oreos is so amazing.

Amelia understands that and I think that’s cool.

For example, she worked with a woman named, Katie, who used to nibble on things as she packed her daughter’s lunch every morning. She’d eat the cut crusts off the PB & J, lick the knife of peanut butter, and pop a couple grapes or Goldfish crackers into her mouth. She also drank sparkling water with a splash of pomegranate juice a few times throughout the day, a small glass of wine while making dinner, and another one with dinner. Amelia suggested she stop nibbling on any of her daughter’s food – even if it was a piece of lettuce. Katie also started squeezing lime or lemon into the sparkling water and drinking that while preparing dinner, then enjoyed her glass of wine after dinner as a post-meal treat. Just by making these changes, she lost 23 lbs and has kept it off for 2 years.

Just little changes with big results.

The best part is, I just listened in on the program to make sure you weren’t going to die if I suggested it to you, and I lost 7 pounds. Seven fucking pounds without even trying. I actually lost more but I went up to the cottage a few weeks ago and ate like a drunken raccoon that had knocked over a garbage pail – I want to be totally honest with you here – but that’s still pretty impressive.

Originally Amelia wanted to offer a free class to one winner but I liked the program so much that I suggested that she offer a discount so more than one person can get all bad-ass and hot. She agreed and knocked 30% off her 7-week class price so you can do the program for $55.60 (regularly $79). This includes:

  • Nutrition basics
  • The easiest way to lose weight and keep it off for good
  • How small changes add up to big results
  • Introducing solids to toddler feeding – tips for success
  • How to help your children develop lifelong healthy habits
  • Meal planning & grocery shopping when you’re super busy
  • Fitness: experts weigh in on best forms of exercise for moms & how to fit it in
  • Fad Diets – what’s true and what’s not
  • Emotional eating: how to recognize it and then stop.
  • Mom Forum – share ideas and connect with other moms who can relate to your challenges
  • Enjoy FREE products from the hottest mom, baby, and food companies plus weekly giveaways
  • Weekly “homework” – so we can all work on the same things together

You really can’t beat the deal. Weight Watcher’s online is like $60 a month and you don’t get the personalized Amelia factor, and Jenny Craig is around $130 – $170 a week once you factor in the food (that was a hard stat to find, by the way, so it may be a little more or a little less depending on what you eat).

So come on, let’s get all svelte and sexy together. Whatdaya say?

You in? Excellent!

Use this link to get the Pregnant Chicken deal.

We can call it “Hot Bawk” or “My Ass is the Wurd, Thanks to the Burd (and Amelia)”. Okay, maybe I need to work on the wording a bit.

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She features a ton of amazing articles and recipes.

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  • I live in australia, will the content of this be more approporaite for someone in north america? or is it more like general suggestions? Its also the middle of summer here so i dont know if that makes a difference as far as meal planning goes (seasonality of fruit/vegetables etc).

    • Hey Sarah, all of the content would apply across the board. It’s less about specific meals and more about how to make certain choices, setting yourself up for success, what are the secrets to keeping it off, etc. I hope that helps!

      Ah, "middle of summer" says the Canadian girl in a snowstorm with whimsy and envy : )

  • I’m not a mom yet, but I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favourite "mom blogs" when I become one. Fuck yeah.

  • I'm all signed up! My 3rd LO will be 7 weeks on Wednesday and I'm so ready to get myself back to my fighting weight! 🙂 I've got the working out thing down, but diet is always the hardest part for me. I love food! And I have a big appetite, especially while nursing. I'm really looking forward to this tonight! Thank you so much for the discount!

  • Thanks for this! After 5 years, I finally lost ALL the baby weight from son #2. Then got pregnant again. Son #3 is now almost 17 months, and this time the weight appears to be stuck. Apparently, jogging then eating 2 cups of trail mix does NOT equal weight loss. I thought that stuff was healthy! Can't wait to start this tomorrow night.

  • My little one just turned two yesterday and I'm still hauling around 20lb of baby weight. Figured it was time to try something new. (You mean sitting at a sewing machine doesn't burn a bunch of calories?) Signed up for the September class so I'd better eat those BLT's this week. 🙂

  • Exciting! Just signed up! Thank you for collaborating for this discount, I'm very much looking forward to January! Just delivered our first little one a couple weeks ago, so I signed up for January 😀

  • Hey Liz, I would wait for the January class just so you're not smack in the middle of the newborn haze while you're listening. Maybe I'll take that class too so I don't fall off the wagon : )

  • This sounds great. I'm not technically due until September 14th (technically, since we all know our babies never come on time) so do you think it would be worth while to start in January or jump on in next month?

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