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FirstBIKE, a new training bike (minus the training wheels), is for kids as young as 22 months and is leading the pack within the trend of parents choosing balance bikes over outdated training wheels.

Unique Attributes:

Frame of Bike: FirstBIKE’s frame is the ONLY frame made from high-tech, injection-molded composite. The frame doesn’t scratch, splinter, swell, or rust like wood or metal frames.
The high-strength, yet flexible frame absorbs shock, which is crucial as it helps to protect a child’s spine during very important formative years.

Steering Limitations: Unlike it’s competitors, FirstBIKE’s steering mechanism does not allow a child to turn more than 30 – 35 degrees, which in turn will keep them more balanced.

Saddle Seat and Rubber: FirstBIKE has created a special “horse saddle” shaped seat which is proprietary to their design and keeps a child from slipping.

Breaking system: VERY IMPORTANT – They have created a completely enclosed breaking system so that a child’s fingers will never be in danger. The system also is unique in that it allows a child to slow down gradually rather then stop short.
They have also created the breaks so that they can be adjusted to bring the lever closer to the handle grip so that a smaller child can learn to use the breaks at a younger age. No other bike (balance or traditional with training wheels) has covered the breaks (front and back) so that children are safer.

PLUS these are the ONLY:

  • weather-proof training bikes
  • balance bikes with NO sharp edges
  • balance bikes with state of the art tires so they will grip the street
  • industrial bearings are inclosed so no dust or other items can get into the bike

FirstBIKE Comparison Video from Cedric Larvoire on Vimeo.

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  • This is so cool! I’ve seen the wooden ones but I didn’t realize there was so much "technology" thats been developed now, haha! I have an 18 month old who would surely love one of these come next spring!! And its my birthday today so what better day to win 🙂

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