The ABC Expo Top 10 2013

As many of you know from my flight hysteria and bird nerding, I went to Vegas a few weeks ago to go to the ABC Kids Expo. I met up with Meg from Lucie’s List and we decided to come up with a Top 10 from the show between my whining about not going to In-N-Out Burger. 

It was damn hard to come with just 10 – the place was packed with amazing stuff  – but these are ones that stood out for both of us. 

So without further ado, in no particular order, here’s what made the cut: 



1. Squatchi

How much would I give to avoid driving all around town to find the right pair of shoes for my child? A LOT. Now, you can accurately measure your child’s foot right at home and order shoes online with the confidence they will actually fit. You can also use the Squatchi as a keepsake to track your child’s changing size over the years. A genius idea from a mom-entrepreneur, what did you expect? You can find them for around $19 – Meg



2. Woombie Convertible

Products that help parents through difficult transitions deserve a special place on the shelf. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me, “how do I transition my baby off the swaddle, he won’t sleep without it, help!”… I’d be rich. The Convertible swaddler from Woombie has arm holes that can be open or closed to assist in the “swaddle weaning” process. Heck, get a little crazy and leave one arm out and one arm in, I won’t tell anyone. They run about $28 – Meg



3. Babywarma

There are two things I love about this Babywarma wetsuit. One, it keeps babies warm when they’re in the water – babies are notorious for getting cold as soon as they get in water because they aren’t great at regulating their body temperature. Two, I love that this wetsuit opens flat so you’re not struggling to pull a wet bathing suit over those delicious ham hock legs. I also love that it’s made with soft, thick neoprene, which is that extra line of defense from a swim diaper poo escape – I never want to be the one responsible for a pool “fouling”. I guess that’s three things I love: warm baby, easy ham hock release, and extra fouling protection. Bring on the swim class! They come in three sizes and are $29.99 – Amy


4. Cloud B Twilight Turtle Tunes

Cloud B toys have already earned MVP category in my house with the Twilight Turtle (original) and the Sleep Sheep. New this year is the Twilight Turtle “Tunes”, which has built-in speakers that connect to a Bluetooth device of your choosing (iPhone, iPad, etc). With the “T3”, you can play your child’s favorite lullabies and keep scary monsters away with the light of the stars — all at the same time. I love multi-taskers!

$52, available at, as well as at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Red Envelope. – Meg


5. Ergo Baby Wrap  (available February 2014) 

At first glance Ergo’s new baby wrap looks like your standard wrap, but it’s got some really sweet features that set it apart. It’s designed for babies 6.6 to 31 pounds and holds your baby in an ergonomic position (no crotch dangling) but the thing I loved most about it was the fabric. The material is made from this premium, strong 4D fabric that stretches and springs back in both directions so you don’t get that slow sag throughout the day from your baby’s weight. It can also be used as a prenatal and postnatal belly band and folds into its attached pocket.

It’s not available until February 2014 but Meg and I are all about bringing you the sneak peeks because we’re broads on the cutting edge (pftt, you already knew that though.) It will retail for $79 once it comes out – Amy



6. Lifenest

Ubimed has come out with this ingenious crib device called, Lifenest, that helps prevent  flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly.) It’s like a little hammock that essentially suspends your baby while they sleep on their back to relieve the pressure on the back of their heads normally caused by lying directly on a mattress. Logic would dictate that this would also help reduce the risk of SIDS – the mesh that it’s made from provides constant airflow ¬– but that’s a medical claim that needs to be substantiated with a lot of research and money before that claim can be made here so that’s not my “official” statement. Sells for $99.99 – Amy



7. Eat High Chair

Babies are adorable to counter balance how disgusting they can be. Rice cereal, mushed banana, barf, poop, everything ends up on your high chair. So one of my biggest pet peeves is high chairs you can’t wash. This is why I love this Eat high chair from Babyhome because it’s crazy light, folds down to almost nothing, has a removable tray to scoot it up to a table, and you can remove and wash the cover. Can I get a hell yeah? Around $149 to buy.

[Note: an earlier version of this needed an additional crotch restraint to make the CPSC happy, but this version has been improved so there’s no need for the extra kit.] 



8. Graco Elite Gliding Swing

Graco invented the first baby swing and has continued to innovate since. The space-saving Graco Elite Gliding swing offers baby the sensation of gently rocking in mom’s glider – PLUS, the functionality of a stand-alone bouncer, which pops off the glider and can easily be carried from place to place at your convenience. Graco hit a homerun with this one – w00t! Retails for around $179.99 – Meg


9. Summer Fuze Stroller

The new Summer Fuze stroller knocked my socks off at the baby show by offering all the features of a luxury stroller at an attainable price. With this stroller, baby can rear-face (e.g. face mom) or face out, has a 3-position recline for the tiniest of babes, comes WITH a car seat adapter (what? that never happens), has a large, accessible basket, adjustable handlebar, a cupholder, folds easily and rides like a dream. Essentially, they thought of everything a mom could want, and put it into this stroller. Bravo!!! Runs around $299 – Meg



10. phil&teds navigator

Oh phil&teds, you always make me so happy with your badass strollers and making me feel like I want to be “on the go”. Not only does the navigator have 26 riding options (including a rear facing function) it has a hands-free auto stop safety brake. Just like when you let go of a lawnmower and it cuts the power, this stroller stops dead if you let go of it, fall, slip, wipe out, whatever. I love that the technology that stops us from cutting off our feet is now being applied to our children not rolling into traffic. Makes sense. Non? $499.99 and the second seat (if you need it) is $149.99 – Amy


Amazing, eh?

Whitney, from Rookie Moms, posted her own top 10 and they are completely different which proves just how much amazing stuff was at this show. 

The best part though? For the next 10 days, Meg and I will give away each of these items. Shut up! I know!! You’re our peeps and our peeps need sweet swag! The first giveaway will be posted tomorrow.

Check in every day to see which prize is up for grabs – I’m getting all excited just thinking about it. All the giveaways will run for a week so you’ll be able to “like”, tweet, pin and share your way to score over $1,600 worth of wicked gear.

Screw staying there – what happens in Vegas actually needs to be shared with the most badass readers on the planet. Good luck! 

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