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Show of hands: anybody thinking of buying a fancy camera before you pop out the world’s cutest baby? Or maybe you’ve already invested in that hefty purchase and realized the disappointing truth: a nice camera does not take great pictures all by itself. The good news is that with a few basic skills under your belt, your everyday family photos can actually be really fabulous. No technical photography degree necessary.

Mom and Pop Photo courses are written specifically for parents. We skip over the intimidating jargon and give you real-life strategies and skills for getting great family photos all year long. 

We are giving away a 101 Set, which include both courses,
plus a full year of online support!

(Retail value of $99)

Portraits 101

Portraits 101 is all about finding beautiful natural lighting wherever you are (and getting your kiddos to cooperate). 

“The Portraits 101 course has been invaluable to me. The lessons are well-written and easy to follow—what a great resource to go back and review! I definitely recommend this course!”
April Patteson, Fort Worth, TX


Camera 101

Camera 101 walks you through some simple camera settings, step-by-step. 

“My husband had bought me a really nice camera, but I had NO idea what most of the buttons did. Camera 101 cleared things up for me, and now I feel confident in using the Silver Settings from Portraits 101. It’s so nice to be out of AUTO mode!” 
Gretchen A.


Candace Moss is a professional family photographer and mom of two. For years, clients and friends would tell her, “I have this really nice camera, but I don’t know how to use it.” She realized that parents are seriously overwhelmed by their cameras and don’t have time to learn every technical aspect of photography. They need to know the most important skills for photographing children, and they need a fun and easy way to practice those skills.

So Candace started teaching classes (she has taught in Dallas, Texas; Washington, DC; and Brooklyn, NY). Now, with Mom and Pop Photo School, she is sharing her tried-and-true process with parents across the country. Her goal is to break down the fundamentals of photography so any parent can be successful and have fun doing it.


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