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The BedLounge Pregnancy Pillow is the most amazingly adjustable, luxuriously comfortable lounging solution for any mom-to-be. It helps you stay comfortable in bed for long hours on end. The BedLounge helps you with proper support and posture during pregnancy, for back relief, resting, and lounging. And after the baby arrives it is great for nursing and cuddling.

Here is a quick overview of the BedLounge:

  • Complete Neck, Back, & Shoulder Support
  • Full Range of Upright & Reclining Positions
  • Patented, Durable Inner Frame
  • Made in the USA

The BedLounge reacts and adjusts to your body’s very own shape! It was invented by Dr. Rober Swezey, M.D., one of the top medical experts in back relief. All parts of the BedLounge pregnancy pillow extend, recline, or pivot to properly support your growing belly. The headrest gently cradles your head without putting any pressure on your neck. The lumbar pillow adjusts to offer well deserved lower back relief after a long day of carrying your baby bump around. The armrests pivot inward and outward for easy access. They also come in very handy later during breastfeeding by supporting your baby’s weight and reducing the strain on your arms and shoulders.

Pregnancy is also the time when the body goes through a big transformation and requires many of us to take it slow and even go on bed rest. Whether you just need to relax or be on strict bed rest, the BedLounge pregnancy pillow will help you continue with many of your favorite activities like reading books, watching TV, working on your computer or iPad, or crocheting.

The Bedlounge pregnancy pillow has a removable and washable cover. The covers are available in a variety of colors. So, you’ll have no problems finding the right cover for your taste. In addition, you can upgrade your BedLounge to the luxurious hypoallergenic down alternative fill. The Hypoallergenic BedLounge is a great fit for any of you who are planning to breastfeed since babies can be sensitive to Feathers & Down.

Plus, from now until July 15th for all of the Pregnant Chicken Readers, use code PregChick to receive $25 off each Bedlounge Pregnancy Pillow, which also includes Free Shipping to the continental US!

You can also find the BedLounge on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck!


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