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A while back I noticed someone on facebook asked if anyone knew of any good meal planning services. I was keen to see what people said because I was so damn tired of figuring out what the hell to make for dinner every night. I noticed that there was one consistent recommendation: No More To Go. So I checked it out.

Stacey, who runs the site, is a mom that has a good grip on what kids will eat and what you realistically have time to prepare. I loved that her recipes were healthy without going too over the top – like the time I tried to bake kale into muffins. A betrayal my children will surely mention at their weddings.

So I signed up and I love it!

Every Friday you receive an email with the weekly dinner menus (five dinners) and a printable grocery list so it’s all laid out for you.

We’ve been signed up since September and we haven’t had one stinker. Not one!

My husband loves the food because he doesn’t like anything too “hippy and birdseed weird”. My kids are trying new stuff and actually eating. Best of all, I don’t have the angst of trying to figure out what to make every night. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

The nicest part is that there is always something pretty healthy in there so you can dial it up or down depending on who you’re feeding. I’m trying to lose weight, so I dial up the salad on my plate. My husband calls mixed greens, “stuff-that-grows-in-the-sidewalk-crack salad”, so I dial up the main and give him fewer “grass clippings”. She’s also has adjustments for making the meals vegetarian and gluten-free.

The price is nice too. A one month subscription is only $7 and the whole year is just $64. Considering a how much time and effort I used scouring recipes in expensive books and online (with mixed results), I think it’s a pretty good deal.

So I talked to Stacey and she has set up a promo code so you guys can get 50% off a subscription if you use the code PREGGO.

You can also check out a few sample meals if you wanted to see if the recipes were your cup of tea before you signed up. (I highly recommend the Thai Steak Wraps).

No More to Go is also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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