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Medically endorsed by top obstetricians, midwives, doulas and physical therapists worldwide, The Dia Method is a revolutionary new science-based pre and postnatal fitness system that helps correctly train abdominal muscles for total body fitness before, during and after pregnancy.

This groundbreaking video series provides both a prenatal workout system called BellyGuard™, and a postnatal regimen called 10 Minutes Flat™. With BellyGuard™ women can train for a faster, easier labor and avoid common pregnancy complaints like the “waddle” and back pain. You will learn how to move safely in everyday activities, effective labor positions, and core training to relax and open the pelvic floor for an easier delivery. In addition, BellyGuard™ paves the way for a quick, complete postnatal recovery.

The Dia Method’s 10 Minutes Flat™ is the first total fitness system with proven results to address the underlying cause of post-pregnancy “pooch” and then precision target the affected muscles to restore firm, flat pre-baby tone. 10 Minutes Flat™ also provides instruction on how to recover from a C-section, practical tips to optimize the benefits of wearing a corset, and strategies to harness the healing power of everyday activities. While motherhood can leave little time for exercise, The Dia Method’s 10 Minutes Flat™ regimen can be incorporated easily into a busy mom’s daily routine. With a minimum commitment of 10 minutes a day, you will be able to see and feel a measurable difference proving it’s never too late to bounce back to your pre-baby body, even if you had your children decades ago.

Both the pre and postnatal kits each include 9 DVDs (18 DVDs total) and a pro-grade resistance band. 10 Minutes Flat™ includes The Dia Method 3 Phase Fat Burn Plan to shed the excess weight, safe even while breastfeeding. For more information, visit


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