I have a staff!

A few months ago I was all sucky-baby on Facebook about how hard it was to run a giveaway. Well, Melissa instantly chimed in a told me about Rafflecopter and it changed my life because they rock it like a pizza pocket and I’m getting shit done.

Then I was all whiny to my friend, Andrea, about how I still couldn’t keep all the giveaways straight and how upset I was that you guys were missing out on good stuff. I told her that I needed someone that was all organized and keen that could keep up with emails. Then it suddenly hit her that I should hire her niece, Kelly.  

Kelly organized her wedding so well that the place where she had her reception asked her to help out with their planning. Her friends call her “clipboard”.

I knew she was the gal for me. 

So if you’ve been noticing that giveaways have been served up in a well organized, planned manner, that’s Kelly. If you’ve noticed one was accidentally published the day before then suddenly evaporated, that’s me – I excel at asshattery and the big picture, and not the finer details in life – I’m sure you’ve noticed that in my spelling and grammatical errors everywhere.

What’s even more exciting is that I’ve finally gotten my media kit done so I can sell some of my ad space privately. Yay!  Hopefully that means that I can do less graphic design and more Pregnant Chicken (unless you are one of my current clients – I will always whore for you) so I can bring you even more giveaways and more Burd!

If you have a product or service you’d like to advertise to the best readers on the face of the planet, then simply email Kelly at kelly@pregnantchicken.com and she’ll get a shiny new media kit right to your inbox. 

She’s like a machine! A machine I call “Kell Bells” and sing “I don’t think you’re ready for this Kelly” to the tune of Bootylicious to. She thinks it’s funny and not unprofessional and that’s another reason I love her.

On another front, my mother is also working tirelessly to archive all the Ask the Chicks questions so you can access them easily. I also did a nice troll sweep on the board about a week ago so all is calm and supportive there again (picture pan flutes, butterflies and shirtless hot guys serving cold beverages). Be sure to send her updates as well. She loves that shit.

Lastly, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Zazzle shop so I can offer up some really killer swag. I ordered a couple of the shirts so I know that they print okay, but I’ll let you know when we’re ready to roll. 

On a side note, the store name Pregnant Chicken was already taken. Can you believe that?! If you’ve ever thought of opening a shop on Zazzle, secure that name now, man. There ain’t much left.

That’s it for now.

All you need to remember is: Pregnant Chicken. Staff. Synergy. Integration. Media Giant. Fashion Mogul.

(insert lightning bolts and shazam sound)

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