Nursing Pillow Gift Basket Giveaway

Just because World Breastfeeding Week is over doesn’t mean it’s time to stop celebrating mothers. In honor of all the awesome mommas out there, Nursing Pillow is giving away the gift baskets of all gift baskets.

Nursing Pillow is giving away this 15-piece gift set retailing at over $250, and it can be yours with just one simple entry and a bit of luck!

Included in this set are mommy and baby products from many of our sister brands. In it, you will find one Nursing Pillow, a Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle, one Seven Sling, one Udder Cover, one pair of Baby Leggings, three Milk Bands, and four pairs of Breast Pads all wrapped inside a country wicker basket! By visiting each brand’s website, you will be able to select the perfect size, pattern, and even texture to showcase you and your baby’s personality! 

Also, by liking the Nursing Pillow Facebook page — along with their sister brands’ pages — you will have the opportunity to take part in the amazing giveaways they do every so often! 

A little about our product: Nursing Pillow is designed for comfort and convenience for all nursing mommas out there. With a variety of prints from retro to elegant and with the option of our cuddly minky fabrics, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pillow for the perfect nursing experience!


CHECK IT OUT: Get a free $40.00 nursing pillow for just the $12.95 shipping cost with code: PREGNANTCHICKEN. These oval shaped pillows wrap around mom to make a soft platform for nursing. Remember, “minky” type plush fabrics add $4.95 to the $12.95 shipping cost. Visit to get started.

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