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The Owlet Vitals Monitor is the first baby monitor that safely monitors your child’s well being by using pulse oximetry – the same technology that hospitals and pediatricians have been using for decades.

Every parent knows what it is like feel worried when your baby sleeps too long or is sick and you don’t know if she is breathing or getting enough oxygen. Which is why this monitor this monitor goes beyond just listening or watching your baby.

Here’s what the Owlet keeps track of:

  • heart rate
  • oxygen levels
  • skin temperature
  • roll over alerts
  • sleep quality

The sock is hypoallergenic, wireless, and doesn’t use any adhesives. The electronic components are housed in a water-resistant, medical-grade silicone case to protect your child from any electrical contact.

You can even print or share data with your pediatrician if you are concerned with any of the readings.

Check out my review in this month’s Round Up or visit Owlet’s site for more information.

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  • I too just got released from the NICU with my 28 week premie. He is currently on an Apnea monitor, but what a relief this would be to have when he goes off the monitor.

  • My baby girl passed away in 2011 and her twin was a preemie. I had many sleepless nights just worrying. I’m now expecting again, and know I will be hovering again for fear something is wrong with the baby.

  • One of my friends just lost her 9 week old baby to SIDS, I can’t help but think something like this may have helped to change the outcome. My sister is expecting her first (a miracle baby after many years of trying) in January, I would love to give her this to ease her worries and mine.

  • Just got out of the NICU with my 34-weeker, and I feel lost without the robots. This would so help me sleep at night, as depressing as that is.

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