Halo Bassinest Giveaway

The HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper is the only baby bassinet that rotates a full 360 degrees to bring baby to you for close, safe sleep. Now your little one can sleep as close to you as you want — even right next to you in bed — and still sleep safely in his own separate space. And the more it moves, the less you have to, which makes taking care of baby throughout the night a lot easier.

Mesh walls of the HALO Bassinest provide maximum breathability, and baby is visible to you all night long. The side wall also lowers and then returns automatically making tending to baby easier with less lifting. The rotation of the Bassinest also means that it’s easier for mom to exit and enter the bed, particularly important to C-section moms. The nursery center features lullabies, nature and womb sounds, gentle vibration, a nightlight and a nursing timer. Perfect from the day baby comes home from the hospital up to about five months.

You can also check out the review I did on it:

Open to U.S. and Canada. They retail for around $230 U.S.

Halo Bassinest

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