The iPhone 6 Dazzle from Zazzle

Were you one of the lucky ducks that got an iPhone 6?

(I’m jealous because I still have an old iPhone that is still going strong – I’m kind of willing it to break so I can upgrade.)

So the folks at Zazzle wanted to let me know that they have some cases for your new phone and damn, are they ever sweet. I seriously don’t understand why some people don’t get phone covers. They spend like $700 on a very fragile device then don’t pony up the 50 bucks to protect it.

These cases all come in ‘barely there’, ‘tough’ and ‘tough Xtreme’ (yeah, I would need that one) for iPhone 6 and in the iPhone 6 Plus size.

Here are my favourites:

Gold Polka Dot Pattern: It’s nice and subtle and classy – it’s says, “Bitch, I gotta hot phone.” But it says it in a whisper…with a British accent.


Elegant Black Glitter Luxury Case: I don’t know who is naming these things but this deserves something better. Like “Kitty Glitter” or “Beyoncé Boom” Perhaps there’s a copyright issue on that last one there but c’mon.


Sugar Skull & Turquoise Blue Roses: I love this case but that’s probably because my birthday lands on the Day of the Dead.


Turquoise Pattern: Do you get the feeling I like turquoise? Again, this needs a better name. How about “Sea Dream” or “Turquoise Tango” or “Trudy’s Basement in Florida”? I feel they all work.

Sprinkles: This one is just fun and yummy. You’re dead inside if you don’t love sprinkles.


Gray & White Geometric: I just like how nice and tasteful this one is. I personalized it with “Ashley” because I’m convinced that all my readers are named Ashley, Jessica or Sarah. That, or the three of you just email me a lot.


Custom Cassette Tape: I love retro stuff on modern devices. You know what this is, right? Please don’t make me feel old.


Photo Collage: One of my favourite things about Zazzle is how you can personalize everything quite easily. I love this photo collage case with all the little moments on it.


Create Your Own: I’m sorry but if you have a new iPhone AND a cute baby you’re a damn fool if you don’t get one of these. A fool I say! I know, I know, new parents like to plaster photos of their kids everywhere but babies are adorable and they need to be seen. It’s no wonder that this is one of their most popular cases.

Anyway, those are my picks. Now I really want a new phone. What are your faves?

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