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Little World Peas offers a premium, boutique-quality line of organic baby clothing for your little sweet pea! With your baby’s comfort in mind, all our pieces are sewn using a unique “no-inner-seams” design.That means no scratchy seams or tags on your baby’s ultra-delicate skin! And we use a thick, luxurious, 100% organic cotton. You’ll love the quality, as these wardrobe staples won’t fray or stretch over time. All our products are made with love and come with a “happy mommy” guarantee. We’re mommies too and we want to hear what you think of our products.

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Win a “year IN organic style!”

Includes 1 long-sleeve bodysuit, 1 kimono, 1 pair of pants, 1 gown, 2 bibs, plus a hat to cover all weather scenarios! These key baby wardrobe pieces are made with thick, 100% organic cotton and sewn with the seams on the outside to keep only softness touching your baby’s skin. You’ll also receive a gown for your little pea: mommies swear by the elasticized bottom for quick diaper access and the shoulder snaps (hurrah!) for fast bedtime changes. You choose sizes and your favorite colors including chestnut brown, blush pink, grasshopper green, baby blues, daffodil yellow and clean white. Over $100 in value!

Open to U.S. only.

Little World Peas

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