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Bert&Bratt, a mom owned company, has solved the problem of sterilizing infant products while out and about. Picture this, you are in a grocery store – lets say the meat aisle – and your baby has dropped pacifier onto filthy floor. What do you do? Do you leave your cart to go wash it with soap and water, wipe it with a disinfectant cloth full of chemicals, or do you just pop it back into babys mouth?

Bert&Bratt has eliminated the inconvenience of having to interrupt your day to clean your infant’s items. They have created a battery operated, portable sterilizer that is lab tested to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on infant items. Simply put pacifier, sippy cup top, bottle nipples or teethers into sterilizer push button and forget about it for 4 minutes. When the light stops flashing, the object is clean! Best part, No heat, No water and No chemicals!

How? The technology used in this amazing product is the same technology used to clean hospital rooms and purify drinking water. It is simply a combination of UVGI light and oxygen which creates a reaction that eliminates bacteria. Simple and very effective. Bert&Bratt just made it portable so you can do it anywhere. 

So whether your baby decides to drop her soother in the sand at the park, his bottle in the bathroom at Walmart, or simply allows her buddy with the runny nose at the library to test out her zippy cup, you can easily “delete” these germs with the press of a button.

You can find Bert&Bratt sterilizers on their website,, and Amazon for around $50.

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