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Your little one has thrived in his/her first month, now you are going crazy in the house. It’s time to venture out, but up until now you’d never paid attention to how ‘baby friendly’ your favourite places were. So you dig through restaurant reviews trying to find somewhere that could accommodate your wee one. Or maybe you are out and worried a blow out diaper could happen at any minute? Or worse … you are already stuck with one. Napkins and Nappies is a website dedicated to helping people discover, share and review baby friendly places.

It specifically helps you locate places like restaurants, shops and cafes with a change tables and/or high chairs. You can even find restaurant or shops with a change table in both washrooms. Sorry daddy, you aren’t off the hook when we go out.

It’s a community site, built by a mom, anyone can add a location or a review. The reviews are key. They provide insight into the little details… did they let you bring your stroller in? were there stairs out front? were you comfortable breastfeeding there? did the staff become impatient with someones screaming bundle of joy?

To help build the number of listings and reviews, we’re giving you a chance to win an amazing prize pack including:

  • Skip Hop Backpack
  • Skip Hop Pronto Changer
  • phil&ted Lobster chair

(retail value of $200)

The best part is if you leave a review on the site, you’ll get three bonus entires!

Open to Canadian and U.S. residents. Good luck!

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  • I’m so excited for this. Was just talking to my husband about needing a portable high chair/seat for family reunion this year.

  • This is a great app, I wish every restaurant and store were baby friendly but they’re not, so we can use this tool to find the perfect place to have dinner with our kids. I am gonna share it we my friends.

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