Word to Your Mother Book Giveaway

Think of your very favorite baby name.
Are you picturing it?

Now, what if you found out that the name means ostrich intestines or shallow muddy puddle. Would you still like the name? Of course you would! And that is why we need to rethink the way we name our babies.

Come and discover a new kind of baby name book based on the theory that we choose names based on our interactions and experiences, rather than on contrived “meanings.”

This fresh approach to baby naming includes thousands of traditional, timeless and stylish names and thousands more hipster, creative and eclectic names waiting to be discovered. Word to Your Mother is perfect for today’s parents and among the next generation of best selling baby name books.

And you thought you were obsessing over names?  While you have been growing that baby or preparing for adoption, Bonnie Bell has been growing this book. She has researched endlessly, developed methods and compiled thousands and thousands of baby name ideas. So sit back, read the book and start naming your babies with confidence.

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