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The BabyHug is a swaddle blanket with a cushion designed for a safe and comfortable way to hold your little one and additionally it simplifies swaddling. The cushion creates a surface so baby rests comfortably and is fully supported from head to toe, and the multi flap system makes swaddling effortless. Keeps baby comfy, cozy and in proper position to prevent their little head form rolling back. Great for all parents with a newborn, wonderful for sibling bonding, awesome tool for grandparents, and a huge help for mamas post C-section.

  • Supports entire body, including the head, neck, spine and legs
  • Easy positioning when held by anyone including children
  • Comfortable position for feedings and burping
  • Accommodates infants with a level of comfort, safety, and warmth
  • Keeps baby’s face from direct contact of people’s clothing
  • Supports spine and head while also preventing head from falling backwards
  • 100% machine washable

Essentially the BabyHug was designed so mama and daddy can share their baby with ease. Holding and passing a newborn never felt so comfortable. No more nervous dads or uncles, grandma’s shaky arms, or uncomfortable repositioning of visitors’ arms. Big brother and sister can “help” hold their newest little baby and mama can have an extra arm to tend to siblings.

The BabyHug comes in two classic colors: pink with white trim and blue with white trim. Made of 100% Cotton and everything including the support cushion is machine washable.

(Open to U.S. and Canada)


Psst, Use the coupon code FREESHIPPC for free shipping valid until April 29, 2014. (US Only.)

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