Go Chews Giveaway

You’re hungry. Not just any hungry. Pregnancy / nursing hungry.

We’re talking about the kind of hungry that makes people step aside as you walk in their direction with the eyes of a jungle cat ready to pounce on its prey.

Enter Go Chews – the latest craze in healthy baby belly building, milky boobie making, need to stay energized while satisfying cravings and hungers – whole food energy snack. Don’t let their look deceive you. These are not your everyday hippie treats. Tested by collegiate and ironman triathletes Go Chews have the lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats your body needs to keep you strong and healthy through the longest of days. Did we mention they have natural lactogenic (milk making foods) to help support breastfeeding efforts while being completely allergen friendly (gluten, dairy, soy, and peanut-free)?

Each bag of Go Chews is filled with 10 delicious Go Chews bites, perfect for snacking on the go while giving you complete portion control. Have two for a 100 calorie snack or enjoy half the bag for a full serving. Keep them in your desk drawer, gym bag, diaper bag, purse, or if need be, hide them in an undisclosed location. You decide. From babymoon to your baby’s room Go Chews are perfect – anywhere, anytime.

Enter today and you could WIN 10 BAGS OF GO CHEWS nicely packaged in a practical, reusable and environmentally friendly momme meals freezer bag. Use the bag to cart around your Go Chews, or consider using it on picnics, for breast milk transportation (hot or cold) and/or to ensure your favorite frozen dessert makes it home safely form the market.

Open to U.S. residents.

Can’t wait to get your Go Chews? Get $5 off your order of $25 or more. Use Code: CHICKS$5

[Note: both Kelly and I received a bag of Go Chews and ate them in record time. I thought they were delish.]

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