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Nasal congestion is frustrating, regardless of your age. As adults we can blow our noses, take hot showers, take anti-congestion medicines. However, for kids – and especially babies – these tactics are often not an option. Stuffy noses can lead to sleepless nights for both kids and parents, lack of appetite and energy, and in some cases, sinus infections. The FDA strongly opposes the use of anti-congestion medicines for children under the age of four, leaving few solutions available.

CLEARinse is your medicine-free solution that is the commercial version of a hospital-grade aspirator available in pediatric hospitals, gently irrigating and aspirating to sweep congestion out with a sterile and safe saline solution. Made for small noses, it’s painless, simple to use, and fast. The removable wash heads are easy to clean, and come with replacements for long-time use.

  • Electric aspirators have too little flow and too much pressure (may damage the inside of the nose)
  • Bulb syringes do not have constant suction
  • Oral suction devices have variable flow, don’t irrigate, and may pull germs despite filters.

Tested in clinics and created by a pediatrician, CLEARinse is FDA and parent-approved for children one month and older. For more information, visit the CLEARinse website.

Don’t take our word for it- check out what other parents and customers have to say in our positive reviews on!

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