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Mamagama is a small maternity shop that designs and produces unique pregnancy clothing. The creative goddess behind the brand is Raluca Stroe.

Mamagama maternity wear is designed by amazing artists from all over the world, from London to Tokyo, New York to Milano.

On top of all that awesomeness, they’re extremely soft and made of organic bamboo, with just a little bit of stretch to make them super comfortable.

Pregnancy clothing should be fun. I come from an artistic background and I’m personally tired of seeing poorly illustrated maternity t shirts, or maternity clothes with no personality. I think there’s a need for maternity wear with a little bit more funkiness. The designs can be cool, weird, ironic or funny.

We’re talking about an exciting and amazing time in a woman’s life, and this should be reflected in what she wears.

“You can wear these t shirts when you go shopping or to a picnic in the park; when you meet the girls for a gossip or when the proud father-to-be is taking photos of you and sharing them on Facebook. And best of all, you can wear these clothes when you don’t feel like doing anything much at all. That’s what I love about them most”  

– Raluca Stroe, owner Mamagama

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