Flick’s ‘F’ Themed Nursery

The folks at My Urban Child asked me if I wanted to put together a nursery with the items on their site.

Of course I said yes because my fake baby, Flick, needs a place to sleep and I love putting stuff like this together (my nursery Pinterest board is proof of that.)

They have some really amazing stuff. Some of it is big bucks, although, I was surprised at how reasonable some of the items were – of course I picked none of them because this is my dream nursery. I have Beyoncé money in this scenario so I haven’t held back it all –don’t harsh my buzz!

Here’s my ‘F’ themed nursery for Flick. 



1/ Oilo Raindrops Double Cylinder Light – Aqua $279

2/ Flensted Mobiles Floating Fish Mobile $120

3/ Spot On Square Eicho Crib – White $690

4/ Letter F Fox Print (etsy) $17

5/ Ferm Living Half Moon Laundry Basket $115

6/ Spot on Square Roh Credenza $1,790

7/ Ferm Living Aristo Katt Cushion $45 (I should note that I thought this was a fox at first – it’s a cat. Cat’s are felines so it still counts as an ‘F’.)

8/ Jennifer Delonge Daddy Glider in Velvet $1,300

9/ nuLOOM Rugs Decor – Red Area Rug $104

If you use the code PCHICK at checkout, you’ll also get 5% off. Unless you actually are Beyoncé then you don’t care about savings like that, do you B?

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