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Summer is almost here and baby has the perfect accessory as you hit the beach, the park or head out on family vacation. Sun block and a hat is always a given, but according to the National Optometric Association, most of the damage done to one’s eyes happens before the age of 10! baby is a collection of sunglasses designed SPECIFICALLY for babies ages 0-18 months and developed with baby’s needs in mind. Our sunglasses are made in Italy with a classic adult design for extra cuteness with specially-designed ultra durable, ultra flexible, form retention plastic – just like teething material for baby! All our sunglasses are laboratory tested, small parts certified and BPA FREE! Plus, a frame and lens protection and replacement program that is sure to beat any warranty on your adult sunglasses.

The baby sunglasses collection comes in 14 fantastic colors named after everyone’s favorite 90’s pop culture icons. Zack Morris Blue, Kelly Kapowski Pink, Bueller Black and even 90210 Teal and White. Even Jaime King’s son, James Newton, was spotted hanging out in the pool with his awesome “Baby Smurf” sunglasses. A portion of each purchase goes to support the Autism Research Institute. For additional 90’s love check out the baby t-shirt line featuring tee’s from Full House, Saved by the Bell and more.
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Contest open to everyone. Good luck!

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