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Parent tested, Baby loved and Pediatrician approved, otteroo is designed for infants starting at 8 weeks old (9+ lbs). The first completely comfortable, American pediatrician co-designed floatie turns the daily bath into a time of learning, discovery and fun. Moms and dads frequently report better sleeping and appetites after bath times with otteroo!

Benefits before Month 6: Encourages Water Familiarity

At around 6 months, infants start to “pick and choose” objects, people and activities they like or do not like, depending on their comfort levels. Otteroo offers babies a seamless and positive transition from mommy’s tummy to the bath to the pool, often preventing fear of water. From an early age, babies become comfortable and confident in the water, and intuitively start to practice arm and leg movement to “swim” and maneuver in the tub.

Benefits starting Month 4: Satisfies Mental Curiosity

At around 4 months, babies start to get very curious and love to explore. Babies love how otteroo gives them freedom of movement to discover how their arms, legs and body can move to impact the immediate surroundings and their direction. They especially enjoy their newfound independence to kick and paddle their way to fascinating objects around the tub.

Benefits throughout 1st Year: Physical Development & Coordination

During the first 6-8 months, babies have a hard time defying gravity much less move in the direction that they want to go. The buoyancy and physical freedom that otteroo provides encourage babies to test out their arms, legs and body to move and get there on their own through confidence building and fun! This “exercise” promotes physical strength and coordination of movement.

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