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As parents we know that our babies love being held. The magic of touch has even been proven by science – it lowers their blood pressure, stabilizes their hear rate and reduces stress levels. Our touch triggers a sense of security, which babies find self soothing. It even plays a vital role in early childhood development. These benefits compelled our founder to invent the Zen Swaddle™, especially when she found that the concept of simulated touch has been used in NICUs for over a decade for calming babies.

The Zen Swaddle is the only original award winning swaddle that mimics a mother’s touch. Its lightly weighted parts add gentle pressure on baby’s chest, just like our reassuring palm, and also on their sides like our arms that surround them. Its wide wings encircle the baby completely and secure with the help of Velcro at their back, which helps ensure that babies don’t wriggle out easily.

The 2-sizes-in-1 design cleverly conceals an interior pouch which keeps baby’s legs snug in earlier weeks and the outer longer sack offers room to grow up to 6 months and 29 inches.

The Zen Gallery of swaddles has two models:

2-in-1 Zen Swaddle Premier: This was the original swaddle in the series. Its whimsical custom prints, double layered front cover and embroidered details create a plush look, which is popular with gift givers all-year round.

2-in-1 Zen Swaddle Classic: This model is being introduced this Summer 2014. Its single layered construction adds more breathability while still offering the same weighted touch benefits as its predecessor.

The Zen Swaddle has helped many babies, both well-babies as well as those in NICUs, rest peacefully. Most moms report an increase in sleep by up to 2 hours within the first few days.

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