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BabyWeight.TV is an online fitness series for prenatal and postpartum moms. Featuring over 100 classes, it is the largest Prenatal and Postpartum fitness video library in the world. BabyWeight.TV offers a variety of classes so you can change up your workouts, including Yoga, Cardio, and the CoreMama™ series that targets the muscles affected most by mommyhood. Classes are specific to different levels so you can progress through the program as you get stronger. With a different class every day of the week, you will never get bored, as is often the problem with purchasing a DVD.


The really cool thing about BabyWeight.TV is that the classes are taught by Micky Marie Morrison, a physical therapist and expert in prenatal exercise. Micky literally wrote the book on prenatal fitness and getting your body back postpartum, Baby Weight, and has worked with obstetricians around the world to develop exercises that are challenging yet safe for all stages prenatal and postpartum. BabyWeight.TV will kick your butt into shape without putting you or your baby at risk.

Another super-fun feature of BabyWeight.TV is the mom-and-baby class series, which actually integrates the baby into strong core classes to add resistance to the exercises, using the baby as a weight (get it… Baby Weight??). Talking to your cooing baby is a good distraction from your trembling abs. And combining exercise with baby playtime helps you find time to work fitness into your busy day.

One lucky cluck will win a 6-month subscription to BabyWeight.TV. But Micky’s giving all Pregnant Chicken readers a chance to try it free for a month with a special discount code. Just visit www.BabyWeight.TV and sign up for the monthly membership then enter CHICKEN in the coupon code at checkout to get a free month!

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