Tiny Talkers Workshop Giveaway

Win a Baby Signing 101 Workshop

This 2.5 hour webcast from Tiny Talkers is filled with solid information you can watch at your own leisure is ALL YOU NEED to learn what you need to know in order to help your child be a successful signer using American Sign Language. 

While watching the webcast you have the opportunity to STOP & START the recording, “rewind” if you need to review and go at your own pace all in the comforts of YOUR OWN HOME. 

Plus, Tiny Talkers is the ONLY sign language WEBCAST that offers PERSONALIZED EMAIL SUPPORT to answer any follow up questions that you may have after completing the course at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

You get all of this for $35!

You will learn:

  • The benefits of signing with your baby
  • How your baby’s brain develops
  • How to determine signing readiness
  • When to expect results
  • How to increase your child’s vocabulary and language skills
  • Guidelines for signing success
  • HOW MANY, WHEN, HOW & WHY to introduce signs
  • Learn OVER 80 SIGNS that are the most commonly used for ages 6 months-5 years of age
  • How to teach abstract signs
  • How to recognize when your child is signing back
  • Troubleshooting strategies

You will also receive downloadable PDFs of the full packet of information that is normally passed out in Tiny Talkers workshops including the following topics:

  • Acivities to Promote Verbal Language Development
  • Activities & Games to Promote Baby Signing
  • Information About Your Baby’s Brain
  • Brain Development Activities
  • Book Recommendations
  • Sign Language Dictionary—Learn Over 80 Signs
  • A Journal To Track Progress
  • Speech, Language & Hearing Milestones as well as a Red Flag Checklist
  • American Sign Language Reference Book & Reference Websites List

(Open to everyone worldwide!)

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