Sparkbox Toys Giveaway

Win a one year subscription to Sparkbox toys – a $220 value!

SPARKBOX Toys is a curated educational toy subscription service. It brings personalized / age-appropriate learning toys to children.

With a simple monthly membership, parents will receive high-quality learning toys selected by experts and tailored to a child’s developmental needs. When you are done with the toys, you simply send them back for more…so no clutter or waste!

What comes in a box?

  1. 4 age-appropriate curated educational toys
  2. Services Overview with our support & contact information
  3. Detailed product card for every toy that include: development benefits for each toy, proprietary playtime ideas, product description & materials and any safety precautions/warnings
  4. Mesh toy bag (for organization of toy pieces)
  5. Return shipping label

Are your toys safe & clean?

YES! In fact, we believe that our system ensures that our toys are cleaner than the toys you find at a friends’ home!

Every toy is rigorously examined, cleaned and sanitized by our operations team so we can be absolutely sure what we are sending out is safe & clean. We use only eco and child-friendly sterilization solutions and we employ the same standards that the government maintains for playrooms, libraries and day care centers. All our toys go through a 5-step cleaning process that includes surface cleaning, sterilization, disinfecting, inspection and vacuum sealing.

What is different about your toys?

High quality, cutting-edge and award winning toys aren’t always found on the shelves of a big box stores. In fact, they rarely are. We scour the newest toy releases, global toy fairs and ideas in educational philosophy to curate our inventory.

  • Out of the 29 brands we work with, only 8 can be found at Toys R Us
  • Out of the 225 toys we have selected, our toys have collectively won 157 global toy awards
  • Our team pairs each toy with playtime ideas to optimize learning and play value

Win a 1 year membership to Sparkbox toys!

Entitles you to 1 new rental box of 4 toys every 8 weeks. Just return the old ones and get the next box! Retail value $219.99!

(Open to the Continental US)

Sparkbox Toys

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