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Win a Mom & Baby bag from The Choosy Chick. $99 value!

Do you know what’s in your personal care products?

The Choosy Chick knows. Many ingredients have been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, allergies, learning disabilities and other health concerns. The Choosy Chick is an online boutique and educational source dedicated to researching and selecting the finest non-toxic health and beauty products families deserve. We evaluate all product ingredients, consult with manufacturers about their manufacturing process, and personally sample the items BEFORE anything can be can be “put on our shelf.” We will not be duped by natural sounding names and claims. We use reputable resources to qualify ingredients and have actually created our very own standard. In addition, we offer consumers education to enhance their awareness of the lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry and to help them make informed decisions.

We offer products for everyone in the family, including babies! We also have Specialty Bags that are loaded with some of our favorite green beauty products. We’re giving away a Specialty Bag ~ our ever popular Mom and Baby bag, valued at $99.00 to one lucky winner.

This beautiful jute bag is chock full of non-toxic products to soothe tired mamas and nourish little ones’ skin. This olive green bag, carefully handmade by women in India, has a convenient zipper and is finished in navy trim. Laminated on the inside, this is the perfect reusable bag to pack baby’s essentials for a trip to Grandma’s or visit to the park! Inside the bag are some of our most popular products that Moms can feel good about while pampering themselves and their babies.


Included in this bag are the following:

For Baby

For Mom

For Both

The Choosy Chick Mom & Baby Bag

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