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Mmmm, there's nothing more comforting than a nice cup 'o tea. If you're pregnant or nursing, this is a good one for you!

Our mission here at Birds & Bees Teas is to encourage the health and well-being of mamas and their families by offering 100% organic and delicious herbal infusions. We strive to only use the best possible ingredients and share current information on safe, gentle and effective herbal tea use during pregnancy. Birds & Bees wants to share our love of loose leaf blends by encouraging mamas to create a daily self-care habit of sipping slowly. We believe that it’s important to support birth professionals, advocate for evidence based care and give back to the community through organizations that champion quality maternal health care for all.

The Ripe & Ready blend is made for the last few weeks of pregnancy and the very first days after giving birth. Made with herbs that are traditionally used to support the hard work of the uterus in labor. This blend doesn’t cause contractions, rather it’s warming and tonifying to the womb and deliciously spiced too! Drink warm or hot during the weeks leading up to giving birth then sip the tea iced during recovery.


The Our Lady of La Leche blend is for nursing mamas who see a drop in milk supply due to common occurrences such as illness, returning to work or school, surgery and other common events that can impact lactation. Made with herbs traditionally used to increase quantity and quality of milk as well as support a nursing mother’s overall health.


The Easy Naps & Calm Nights is a tea every family needs this tea in the pantry! A soothing and relaxing blend that encourages calmness and entices sleep. Perfect to sip after a bath on one of those restless preggie nights. It also makes our favorite drink for overstimulated toddlers, mix one cup of hot tea and a teaspoon full of raw local honey to a cup of cold organic whole milk for a lukewarm calming treat.


Three tins of Birds & Bees Teas. A tin of Ripe & Ready and a tin of Our Lady of La Leche and a tin of Easy Naps & Calm Nights! A stainless steel strainer & honey dipper. Giveaway is open to US residents and Canada. A package worth $70. Good luck!

Birds and Bees Teas

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