Best Baby Registry Giveaway

Are you looking to win a ton of amazing baby stuff worth $5,000?! Then you have come to the right place, my dear. Get in here and win this kick ass prize!

A few weeks ago the gals at BabyList asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a giveaway with them. I said, “sure” because it consisted of them doing all the legwork and you winning amazing stuff. Win win.

 Then I saw the prize you could win and promptly shat my pants.

 Are you kidding me?

 Get ready to flip because one of you is going to win this whole kit a caboodle.


1 Year of Diapers from Seventh Generation

This ties in nicely with my pants shitting comment, non? I love this brand which is as gentle and magical as unicorn sighs. I love their diapers, and I love the fact that you could win over $900 worth of them.



1 Year of Cleaning from Homejoy

When I asked you guys what your number one baby gift was, it was housecleaning.

It makes sense really – when you’re getting the hang of no sleep, round the clock feedings, and recovering from getting a person out of you, toilet cleaning shouldn’t be top of mind.

Not only will these guys from Homejoy come make your house shine, they make sure it’s done by a pre-screened and certified cleaning specialist so it’s easy and safe. They are like cleaning pimps but with more teeth and a much nicer disposition.

You can even book them online! Just tell them where and when you want them to clean. Then a friendly, certified cleaning angel descends from the heavens to clean your filth. All that’s left to do is admire the lack of dust bunnies and postpartum hair loss balls when you’re trying to remember the words to “You Are My Sunshine” at 3am.

This is a prize worth a grand. A damn GRAND! I would have given my left nut for this prize alone.

Pssst: You can also get 20% off your first Homejoy house cleaning with code “bestbabyregistry”



Scoot Stroller from Stokke 

I saw this stroller at the baby show and it is amazing. It’s nimble like a mink and just as sleek. One of its best features is the two-way seat (it can face you or face out) and three seating positions. It’s worth $600 bucks and I can guarantee you’ll look good pushing this one regardless of the last time you showered.



1 Year of Clothing from Zutano

These guys make the softest, coziest clothes and you can win $500 worth here. If you win, you need to promise me that you’ll get an Elf Suit.


PIPA Infant Car Seat from Nuna

This lightweight sucker is easy to install, super safe and, oh yes, it fits the stroller we’re giving away too. On of my favourite features is the steel stability leg – you don’t see that very often. Worth $300 bucks!


Breeze Playard from 4moms

This playard is well named because it really is a breeze to set up. Even I was able to set it up with one hand and you know what kind of idiot I am when it comes to gear use. It retails for $300 (making you look technically competent is completely free.)


Breeze Crib Mattress (2-stage) from Lullaby Earth

You know you’re a parent when you get excited about a mattress. This thing is a magic mattress. It’s light, breathable AND waterproof. On top of all of this, they managed to make them in the U.S. without the use of chemicals and crap. I know, $279 worth of magic.


Tripp Trapp High Chair from Stokke

I love these chairs. They work from the time they can sit up all the way to adulthood (I’m not kidding.) They can also go right up to the table so everyone’s included in dinner. It’s worth $249!


mamaRoo from 4moms 

This is one sweet ride. It mimics the rock and sway of mom so you may actually get to have a shower. Decadent or what?! I’m still pissed at these guys for not making an adult version of this. I’m mean c’mon, get on it. I’ll need one with a cup holder for my Property Brothers marathons please. The baby version is worth $239.



HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

You may remember how much I love this bassinet from my review. Not only can you have your baby sleep right next to you, but you can gently swivel it out of the way so you don’t have to scoot down the bed. It’s the little things, man. It retails for around $220!


Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

This highly rated pump gets great reviews. I love that it’s a closed system and converts to single pump use. There’s a calm your tits joke in here somewhere but it hasn’t come to me yet. It’s worth $88 bills.



Original Soft Baby Carrier from Ergobaby

 I love this carrier. I comfortably carried my toddler son through a snowstorm while I was six months pregnant with one of these. It wasn’t pretty but it sure was comfortable. $120.



Baby Wrap Carrier from Ergobaby

 Let’s see, shall I wear the baby in the carrier of the wrap today? Yep, you can win one of these too. My favourite feature on this wrap is the fabric that stretches up and down so it doesn’t get saggy which saves you from having to tie and retie to keep the weeble snug. Worth $80!



Infant Tub from 4moms

 If you listen closely you will hear your baby humming “I’m so fancy” in this tub. It has a temperature gauge and it allows dirty water to flow out while clean water flows in. It also fits in most kitchen sinks. Retails for $49.99.

So have your eyes rolled back in you head from the sheer awesomeness from this or are you just waking from passing out on floor? Either way, I’m sure this prize would kind of come in handy for most of you – I’m freaking out and I can’t even win!

Just do me a favour and enter this. I really want a Pregnant Chicken Peep to win and it’s around five grand worth of stuff.

Share it around too. Odds are if one of your friends win you can cherry pick a few items for yourself. Unless of course she’s a greedy bitch – then don’t share with that jerk and question why the heck you’re friends with her in the first place.

Open to residents of the U.S. AND Canada! Yep, the folks at BabyList worked really hard to make sure we could enter too, my little Canadians, so put down the Timbit and get this wicked prize north.

I swear to God I’m going to have to be medicated when one of you wins. Good luck!

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  • Praying praying praying I win!!!! I’m a young mom and due in December, trying to save up as much as I can because I’m still in school and haven’t started my career yet. This would be amazing

  • I’m a mom who invented a great baby registry product. It is a diaper ointment brush so you don’t have to get the cream on your fingers. Plus it applies the ointment smoother thicker and faster for better protection against painful rashes 🙂

  • Omg wow thank you for this amazing chance to win all these amazing prizes how generous! I’m due with our first baby June 13! Couldn’t be more excited and unprepared lol.

  • This is the best giveaway ever! Don’t know which item I would want most the house keeping or the mamaroo. Who am I kidding, free diapers for a year is pretty awesome considering how poopy babies are ?

  • Just entered. Expecting our first in June and just stumbled on your AWESOME blog yesterday. It was meant to be. Now excuse me while I go an pray I win.

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