February, 2016

pregnancy milestone

True Pregnancy Moments (15 Printables)

15 Free Pregnancy Milestone Printables that keep it real! Forget the typical ‘baby kicks’, what about the first time you needed help out of the tub? (They would even make a cute, inexpensive shower gift.) Too funny

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Great Expectations

At a family shower for my first pregnancy, guests filled out advice cards for anything they felt pertinent to motherhood. One in particular wrote,…

Pregnancy Myths, REVEALED! (An Illustrated Guide)

If you are pregnant I can guarantee that people are going to chime in with insights – some are just to make pleasant chit-chat, and some are plain weird and wrong. This guest post from Erin blows open some of the better ones along with some kick ass illustrations.

What Love Looks Like

Another great guest post from Abbie, who really seems to know what a romantic relationship and true love look like after a couple babies…

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

Lorena Canals, the modern lifestyle brand that has revolutionized the children’s rug industry in Europe is now available in America. Established in 1990, Lorena…

Why I Freed My Nipple

  I loved breastfeeding my children. I know that a lot of women love it but what I don’t understand is the arguments for…