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Diastasis Recti is no fun. Win an Phase 1 Package worth $499 from Abdominal Connections! Open to U.S. and Canada.

What is Diastasis-recti?

Diastasis Recti is a separation of the outermost abdominal muscle (six pack) called the Rectus Abdominis. Connecting the two sides of the rectus abdominis together is a dense line of Connective tissue called the Linea Alba.                                       

Over the course of pregnancy the expanding belly makes the Linea Alba extra stretched and thinned creating gaps or separation. In many cases the gap heals naturally in 4-12wks. In the case of Diastasis Recti the gap does not close completely and the overstretched and weakened Linea Alba gives little support for the inner organs. The organs press against the abdominal wall causing your belly to still look pregnant.                                                     

An estimated 90% of all maternal women will have a diastasis to some degree.

What is Abdominal Connections?

Abdominal Connections is an alternative rehabilitation program for women who have been diagnosed with Diastasis recti; separation of the outer most abdominal muscle. It is a non-invasive alternative to surgery.                                                                                               


Our 6 Step Program promotes Healing from the inside out using all the tools available and addressing every detailed component associated with the Diastasis-recti condition. Our program teaches you how to safely modify daily activities; from carrying your baby to getting out of bed, so you can feel confident getting through your day without worsening your condition and protect any progress you’ve already made. 


The Video On demand allows you to take charge of your workout using safe and effective exercises that not only facilitate healing your diastasis but tone and strengthen your entire body.                                                                                      


Our exclusive AC Binder Phase One is used regularly as part of the 6 Step Program. It limits potentially hazardous movements and provides back support to help carry out daily activities. It’s designed using a unique and hi tech material which allows complete ventilation without compromising support or creating excessive heat.

The AC Binder is an indispensable tool in assisting with abdominal Recovery for all women seeking to regain their abdominal integrity postnatal.

As with any muscular injury it takes time to heal but we believe our method is the most efficient, methodized, and productive therapy available on the market today.

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Abdominal Connections

Giveaway details

Included in your Abdominal Connections Phase 1 Package is a total of 11 items. 

  1. Abdominal Connections Resistance band
    atex based, durable, controllable resistance.
  2. Abdominal Connections Phase 1 manual
    Our 100 page color printed manual contains all the information you’ll need during the rehabilitation process including: How to carry your baby, How to correct your posture, How to modify your cardio, as well as illustrated descriptions of every exercise in the Stage 1 DVD.
  3.  Abdominal Connections Phase 1 DVD
    Workout with real moms recovering from Diastasis. Learn each exercise from all 5 categories with audio directions and detailed corrections.
  4. One Abdominal Connections exclusive Natural Moisturizer
    Aids in re-texturizing and conditioning the superficial skin around the abdominal region.
  5. One bottle Abdominal Connections Digestive supplement
    Our all natural, vegan, and food based supplement helps eliminate trapped gas, flatulence, abdominal bloating and digestive discomfort.
  6. One 24oz. Abdominal Connections Water bottle
    Borosilicate glass withstands extreme heat/cold and is break resistant. Silicone cover for a better grip.
  7. Abdominal Connections Phase 1 AC Binder
    Contours the midsection and supports full torso abdominal healing.
  8. Abdominal Connections Electric Muscle Stimulator unit and belt
    Define and strengthen your supporting abdominal muscles while restricting potentially hazardous movements.
  9. Abdominal Connections Re-usable heating pad and belt
    Relax using our therapeutic technique for increasing blood supply to the injured area. Our Neoprene belt is ergonomically designed to cover the abdominals.

Go at your own pace * make your own schedule * define your body * Close the gap

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  • Awesome! Didn’t know there was a name for what I have or tools to help and hopefully fix my problem!

  • I have 6 children and have severe Diatasis Recti. I am so thankful I came across this! Losing weight has been a pain in the butt since I tend to still look pregnant no matter what! Thank you for this giveaway!

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