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Hey guys, it’s me, Amy! 

I’m going to check out the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this October to see what new and amazing pregnancy/baby stuff they are coming out with this year (please let there be an Apple breastfeeding, night nurse robot called iBoob) and it turns out that my buddies, Natalie, from Babylist and, Meg, from Lucie’s List are going too!

Now, if you haven’t heard of Baby List and Lucie’s List, then you’re in for a treat. 

I featured Baby List on the site when it first came out – I even collaborated with them on the Pregnancy Calendar – because it’s a brilliant one-stop baby registry where you can post anything you want from the web to your list – toys, clothes, meals, college savings, doula services, wine subscription, yeti suit…you name it.


Whereas, Lucie’s List is where you figure out how to prepare for a baby and what stuff to register for. Meg knows a whole lot about babies and she angers me on a weekly basis when I read her emails thinking “Damn, I wish I’d written that!” She has an incredible wit and a ton of information, so instead of hiding in her bushes and clubbing her over the head to assume her website, I decided I would join forces with her and create a pregnant army of awesomeness – it’s like an orc army but we eat more cake.  

Needless to say, we’ll be like the Charlie’s Angels of all things pregnancy and baby at the show, because, c’mon, we have the best readers on the planet and everybody who is anybody knows that. Plus, they both live in California so I’m hoping they can push my jet lagged ass around the show in the newest stroller. 

Excited by the prospect of being this trifecta of power, Natalie suggested we run a little giveaway to make sure all of our readers knew about each other’s website and offered up a $100 gift card from Amazon.

Meg and I decided that wasn’t enough and upped the ante Vegas-style by each throwing in a hundred bucks – please imagine us doing this in sequined jumpsuits – so the prize would be a cool $300 gift card from Amazon.com (or .ca if one of our Canadian Crew wins).

So you say to yourself, “Oh great, am I going to have to do some lame scavenger hunt, sell out my friend’s email addresses and submit a urine sample to enter?” Pfft please, we hate that stuff too so there’s no hoop jumping just a whole lotta liking. 

For example, if you already “like” Pregnant Chicken on Facebook, then simple click “Like Pregnant Chicken on Facebook” in the widget below and you’re automatically entered to win.

Want to increase your odds? Just keep liking and following wherever you want (we’ve tried to provide a ton of options so there are plenty of ways to win) and you’re entered each time.

There’s a chance that our numbers will be so good that a hush will fall over the crowd when we enter the show because the three most influential people in the pregnancy and baby website world have just entered the room. Representatives from the fancy stroller companies and organic, hemp baby carriers will push Jessica Alba aside and flock toward us. We’ll all score big sponsorships, a bunch of killer swag to give you guys, and buy an island next to Oprah. 

I suppose there’s also a chance that we’ll end up passed out in an alley with an empty case of Diet Snapple and Lemon Vodka with a drag queen kicking us awake saying, “Bitches, give me back my hair.” but I’ll let you know how it unfolds.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer in supporting talent and telling you guys about awesome shit and theses are both – talented and the shit. So like, love, tweet and pin, and get yourself an Amazon Gift Card before we set off on our Vegas adventure. 

I promise to bring you back the latest and greatest.

And possibly drag queen hair. 

Good luck! 


* Photoshopped recreation of Amy, Meg and Natalie's ABC Kids Expo experience. For the record, this is *exactly* how I look in a bikini.
* Photoshopped recreation of Amy, Meg and Natalie’s ABC Kids Expo experience. For the record, this is *exactly* how I look in a bikini.

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