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You know what I loved to do as a kid? Pull my baby book off the shelf, and flip through the pages of my baby book, with photos and notes about our first words, etc. In the beginning of my book there was even a photo of my mom standing by the front door wearing a blazing red maternity top, hugging her belly with me inside.

Now that I’m a mom I wish she had thought to jot down some commentary about that particular photo. How was she feeling? What was she thinking? Was she considering any other names for me?* Was she having any weird cravings? Was she sweating her ass off? Did she have cankles under those hideous maternity pants?!

The funny thing is, you think you’re going to remember all these precious little details about your pregnancy because it is so magical and blahblah. Except that real life happens. You bicker with your spouse about names. You can’t sausage your way into your maternity jeans because baby grew again. For three nights in a row you dream you are driving a pickle to work.

But isn’t that the great stuff your future kid is going to find hilarious? Pregnancy journaling is something I vaguely heard about when I was pregnant and my reaction was, “Ha! Fat fucking chance. I can barely remember to put pants on right now.” But guess what? It’s 2014 and we have smart phones and this genius Mom invented an amazing app called Blinkbuggy. It’s essentially an online baby book and so super easy to use I think I could have even done it in the haze of pregnancy brain. (That’s saying a lot…)

Click on the image to see the sample collection.

Click on the image to see the sample collection.

You start an account and can immediately start chronicling your pregnancy (and later baby’s life) by uploading photos or writing little memos, thoughts, and feelings down in the app. Everything can go there—anything you think your future kid might find fascinating or anything you want to remember. You simply click an “add memory” button and you are given three options: add a quote, a note, or a photo. So it’s all covered–photos from your shower, a note with a list of potential baby names, a quote from a stranger about how huge you look, and a photo of the police report from after you kicked him in the nads. It’s so simple and easy and fast that it makes keeping a journal seem like a piece of cake.



Even cooler is that you can use it as a controlled social sharing tool. For each memory uploaded, you can make it public so anyone with the link can see it, or you can make it so no one can so it’s totally private. Or, if you want your mom to see the weekly progress of your baby bump then you can share it with just her. It’s up to you.

And you guys? The best part is that a few years from now you can print the whole thing out as a book! So someday your wee babe can sneak into your bedroom, pull the book off a shelf, and giggle about your crazy maternity dress, cankles, and all the other memories you’ve saved for him.

You can check out the site here!

Ready to create a book? Just hit ‘print’ in the upper left hand corner of your Blinkbuggy page.

* For the record, I know that I’m named ‘Amy’ because my mother had painstakingly gone through a baby-naming book and underlined all the names she liked. She handed it to my father who flipped to the first page and said, “Amy is fine. If it’s a girl we’ll name her Amy. I don’t want any name you can shorten” and handed the book back to her.

He’s also the only one that calls me “Aim”.

This post is a sponsored by Blinkbuggy but I think it’s great and you know I wouldn’t tell you about shit I think is stupid.

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