Breastfeeding Bundle Giveaway

Win an incredible Breastfeeding Bundle worth over $185! Open to U.S. and Canada.


The One Z Pillow is a new 4 in 1 pillow made just for mom! It has a complete back support integrated into the pillow, so no more propping pillows to get comfortable while nursing. It makes nursing easy and totally comfortable for mom! It is also excellent for tummy time, bottle feeding and support for baby! It has a super soft, removable cover can be washed over and over. And one of the best things about the One Z Pillow is that it is made in the USA! The One Z Pillow was manufactured by the Twin Z Company who is the maker of Twin Z Pillows for moms with twins. It is an as seen on Shark Tank product. Check out the One Z Pillow at

Use the code pregnantchicken for $5.00 off before Aug 31 2015. 

The breast pump is the frenemy of every working, breastfeeding mother. ENTER Work. Pump. Repeat. (available online and in stores September 8, 2015)—the first book to give women what they REALLY need to know on how to pump at work. Jessica Shortall shares the nitty-gritty basics of surviving the working world as a (twice over) breastfeeding mom. She offers a road map for negotiating a pumping schedule with colleagues, navigating business travel, and problem-solving when forced to pump in less-than-desirable locales. Shortall draws on the war stories and humor of working moms, as well as her own stories from her demanding job and travel in developing countries.

With wit and candor, Shortall provides moral support for the stress and guilt that come with juggling working and breastfeeding. Work. Pump. Repeat. prepares women for that first day back at the office and holds their hand each step of the way—and one reviewer called it “postpartum pee-inducing funny,” to boot. It’s an essential guide for every new working mother.

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s all natural breastfeeding products are nature’s gifts to nursing mamas! Safe, hospital recommended, certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified and natural herbal products and teas are specifically formulated to support the entire journey of childbirth, from Pregnancy through Postpartum Recovery, Breastfeeding, and Baby care. Safely nurturing mamas and babies for over a decade. Earth Mama, Safe as Mama’s Arms.

Boob: sustainable, double-function fashion and accessories for expecting and new mother’s. New nursing mom’s will love their Fast Food Nursing Bra and Washable Breast Pads. Their signature Fast Food Nursing Bra is soft and seamless in design that can be worn during both pregnancy and nursing stages. With nickel-free details the bra comes with additional hook & eye ribbon. And their Washable Nursing Pads are absorbent, breathable and waterproof to ensure dryness with natural silk to help soothe and cool sore nipples.

Breastfeeding Awareness Month Giveaway

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