Domestic Enemies of the Pregnant Mom

Looky, looky! I have a post over at Rants from Mommyland today.

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know Kate and Lydia yet, then get yourself acquainted with their unique brand of awesome STAT.

I like to think I’m their number one stalker and they are both very kind to me, you know, until I sneak up behind them in a Target parking lot and snip off a lock of their hair. It might go off the rails then, but I’m riding the wave for now.

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  • Oh dear, I missed this post thee first time round.
    Luckily, this did not only sent me (back) to Kate & Lydia (who indeed make me laugh. hard), but it also educated me on the many domestic enemies that exist.
    I really think it is a miracle we all manage to raise them kids *and* keep a pretence of sanity during that time.

    So *yay* parents ('cause we need positive reinforcement too).

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