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Win a 3 month subscription to Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy or Mom & Baby Box! $70 Value. Open to U.S. and Canada. 

Pregnancy is a thrilling experience – but it can also be confusing! The list of potentially ‘harmful’ products is endless and can leave your already-exhausted head spinning. What’s safe? What’s not? How do I RELAX while I still can?!

Ecocentric Mom is committed to helping moms-to-be discover the safest products for themselves, their bumps and their families with our Ecocentric Mom pregnancy discovery box.

We carefully research the products we include in our monthly boxes to ensure each is safe for you in your pregnancy. Each box contains a balance of practical items to prepare for motherhood, and pampering items to promote peace of mind for mom and her growing belly.

In addition to our Pregnancy Box, Ecocentric Mom offers boxes for new moms and their babies as well as moms with kids of any age. Each box is packed with goodies that are pure, healthy, useful and fun. Sign up for the Pregnancy Box, switch to the Baby box when you are ready. Along the way, you will discover wonderful products that you won’t find at your local ‘big box store’ that make being a new mom just a little bit easier.

Get or gift an Ecocentric Mom subscription today – moms deserve to be taken care of too!

PLUS: Discount Code:

Want to treat yourself to Ecocentric Mom’s subscription box of green goodies? From now until October 22, use the promo code CHICKEN50 to get 50% off your first monthly box or use code CHICKEN20 to save $20 off a 6 month subscription.

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