Finding Wicked Deals for Baby Stuff

Way back when I thought it would be really great to pass along any great deals I saw that would interest new moms and pregnant ladies (I think I even posted a few on Facebook) but I quickly realized that it’s really hard to keep up with all that stuff. You have to be on it ALL the time and seeing as I have trouble posting more then once a week, it was a doomed idea from the start.

So when Sarah told me about her site I was all excited that someone else was doing all this work and I could just pass along the deets and be all cool with very little effort – it’s a specialty of mine.

The way it works is that Sarah goes through and finds the good deals and posts them BEFORE they happen so you’re not screwed if you’re no where near a computer when the deal starts. She even posts great contests and lets you know when sites have deals on shipping.

Here’s just a couple of things I quickly found when I scanned her site:


Check out these Keen shoes she found at 6pm for $12 and the shipping is $3.95. Nice.



She even found a Lamaze Elephantunes that’s been marked down to $15 on Amazon.

I’m impressed and I seriously don’t know how she does it but I’m certainly not going to “out” her possible meth addiction if she keeps finding deals like this.

She also starting a Today’s Fresh Deal section that will feature a limited number of hand picked products that you can pick up for 50% or more. Think Groupon for kids stuff that isn’t shit.

I know, right?!


Plus, (insert shazzam sound) if you like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter, then leave a comment here, you’ll be entered to win an Aden+Anais Dream Blanket (worth $50). This thing is on my registry because it looks like the most dreamiest damn thing to be wrapped in – like frickin’ angel wings. I’ll choose a random winner next Wednesday, May 18th 2011.

So get down and all lazy like me and let Sarah and her sister find the good deals for us. We can use the money we saved to buy her more meth.

Good luck!

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