Inchworm Alley Giveaway

Win your choice of 4 Inchworm Alley Baby Cocoons! (I wish these suckers fit me.) Open Worldwide. Approx Value $185.

Are you bored with cutesy baby wear that’s gender-specific? Looking for something eco-conscious that’s also incredibly chic?

We know you’re no average mom and neither is your adorable baby, so explore the delightful and sophisticated world of Inchworm Alley – a brand of modern, gender-neutral baby onesies that are ethically produced. 

Our goal as designers (and as parents!) is to create outrageously smart’n’stylish baby wear that’s equally focused on functionality. This means our collections are made with purpose:

  1. Exclusively produced with ultra-soft, 100% Organic Cotton.
  2. More head-to-toe zips to make wardrobe changes a breeze.
  3. Fewer, strategically placed snaps for speedy diaper changes.
  4. Totally unisex, graphically bold prints to embrace every little human.

Original and photo-realistic digital prints include fog settling over the Dubai skyline, an Arizona desert sunset, Tokyo city dwarfed by Mt Fuji, the stunning Aurora Borealis, and amped up oil paintings by The Group of Seven – not your typical baby prints.

With sizes ranging from 0-12 months and a selection of styles with and without arm, legs and footies, your wee one will boast your impeccable and unique personal style. So, show off your most striking accessory and dress baby like the shooting star they are!

Get 15% off!

As a loyal Pregnant Chicken follower, we’ll help you get started – use the discount code: bucuck! (pretty sure that’s what a chicken sounds like) at checkout and we’ll take 15% off your entire order of Inchworm Alley goodness.

Inchworm Alley

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