Giveaway took the traditional baby gift basket and
gave it a 20th century update in order to create some of the most
innovative baby gifts on the web.

They replaced old-fashioned wicker and cellophane with chic
reusable storage boxes and then filled them with a multitude of nursery
essentials that no registry should be without – like diapers!

Why register for a case or two of diapers at a big-box
retailer when you can register for an entire Year of Diapers from  The company’s
diaper bundles are some of their hottest selling products.  Gift-givers can give a 3, 6, 9 or
12-month diaper subscription
.  When
someone sends you a diaper bundle from, the company first
sends you an adorable announcement package featuring a cuddly plush teddy bear
in one of the company’s signature storage boxes.  The bear holds a certificate with a subscription code enabling
you to log on or call the company each time you wish to redeem one of your
monthly diaper installments.  You
pick the brand and size of diapers to be delivered straight to your door.

Want to give your child the love of reading?  Register for an Year
of Books
.  You will receive an
entire first library for your baby filled with books you can enjoy together
throughout the first year and beyond. took practical gifts and packaged them
in a chic and stylish way, making them fun to give and receive.  Moms can also shop their site for
themselves.  You can opt for the
gift packaging that includes the storage box or have the items sent directly to
you minus the frills.

The company hosts a great giveaway every week.  This week’s giveaway with Pregnant
Chicken features a fun book bundle filled with lots of great books for a baby’s
first year.

You can also find on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Good luck!

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  • Youngest child is in my tummy, about to come into the world! I’m hoping he likes all the books I liked in my childhood! (Dr. Seuss, The Giving Tree, & Peter Rabbit!)

  • My daughter is 9 months old and her favorite book is "Knock Knock It’s Pooh." She loves the little knocker on the book.

  • Our midget is 7.5 months, and comes from a family of the bookish types, not elvish types. His momma was reading well under age two, one of daddy’s first words was a book title. The little man’s current favorites are "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" and "B is for Big Sky – A Montana Alphabet" (as we live in Montana – obviously). We have tried to get him hooked on the works of Plato and Shakespeare, but we believe his lack of enthusiasm comes from the shortage of pictures. A library to call his own would surely help.

  • My youngest is 5.5 months and his favorite book is The Curious Cat and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. (OK, maybe those are MY favorites to read to him.) 🙂

  • Baby is 8 months in utero, but if he is anything like his parents books will be among his most prized possessions. Can’t wait to find out what his favorites are!

  • I have a 6 month old and her favorite book is "Farm" Bright Baby published by Priddy Books. She can shake it and chew on it. Also my 3 year old’s favorite book is Anamalia by Graeme Base

  • i would love to win this. i have set up our babies book shelf and have been trying to fill it i work for a school and def. encourage the book reading!! SInce my baby is not here yet we do not have a favorite book yet my mom always use to read to me growing up i really like is your momma a llama?

  • My youngest child is 19 months and his favorite book is Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli. I have another one on the way (due in November). I can’t wait to see what his/her favorite book will be. 🙂

  • That’s a great idea for a present.

    My son is 15 months old and LOOOOOVES books. Everything from turning the pages, to pointing at things to Mommy or Daddy reading.

  • I have a 4 year old, and expecting our 2nd in early Fall. This would be a great start to the new baby’s library.

  • our youngest is 5 currently and she loves any book we read her honestly. Her favorites are anything horse related.

  • My youngest (for now) is 5 and her fave book is "I love horses and ponies". We are due in a month and LO will be born into a HUGELY book loving family.

  • My youngest is only 7 months, but she likes anything brightly colored – like Baby 123 or Baby ABC! My oldest is almost 3, and her favorite is "The Paperbag Princess" by Robert Munsch – every story she ‘reads’ is turned into this story!!

  • My youngest child (and only child) is officially 2 weeks old today. She seems to love Goodnight Moon and dad’s education textbooks equally.

  • My youngest is 3 months old. He would love this. Or, I guess I should say I would love this for him. He doesn’t exactly have a favorite book yet, he just loves to have mommy, daddy, or big sister read to him. 🙂

  • My youngest is still a month out from being born, so I haven’t asked him about his favorite book! 😉 Emma, who is almost 2, loves anything with the Pigeon! Buses, cookies, it doesn’t matter she loves that bird!

  • As a reading specialist reading is quite important to me as well as the development of any child! I would love this for my daughter, who loves hearing her daddy read!!

  • My youngest and only child is 2.5 weeks old. We’ve been reading Raggedy Ann to her these past few days, I believe it is her favorite 🙂

  • Our son is due in August. Not sure what his favorite book will be, but my love of "There’s a Monster At the End of This Book" may rub off on him.

  • I love reading to my son. He turns 1 today :)) And I am pregnant with our second due October 18th and hope to read with my new little peanut just as much as my son.

  • My youngest is in utero. However my two big kids have loved books since they were babies. They loved too many books to pick a favorite. I’m looking forward to a new little reader in the house…

  • Right now my youngest child is 5, and she LOVES Pajama Time.

    There’s a new little one coming in June though, hopefully her favorite will be something different, because after 4 years of this one, I’m rather sick of it!

  • My first is due on April 15th, so soon! Who knows what her favorite book will be. We already have a lot to choose from.

  • My youngest boy is 1, and he loves a photo album book we’ve put together for him with pictures of all the relatives.

  • Our baby boy is due in a few short weeks, April 28th! My husband and I made sure to have our favorite childhood books ready for him, like Harold and the Purple Crayon and The Velveteen Rabbit.

  • My son is 2 and have another one due in August. My son’s favorite book is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. He loves books!

  • Since the hubby and myself are both huge book people, we can’t imagine having a non-reader in the house. This package is such a great idea for baby’s first library!

  • My son is 8 months, and he LOVES Mortimer by Robert Munsch right now. Last week, it was the Runaway Bunny. Not sure what it will be next week!

  • I’m expecting my first in August and would love to start building her library! As an English Ph.D., reading is pretty damn important to me.

  • My youngest is one month old and they love to hear their daddy reading the latest Cognitive Journal article, or the Count of Monte Cristo

  • My boy is due in early July, so I do not yet know what his favorite book(s) will be. My family is full of avid readers, so he may have trouble choosing!

  • My first child is due in July, and I would love to read him all the books I loved as a child. Goodnight Moon was my favorite because I loved looking for the tiny white rat on each page. <3

  • My youngest child is turning 3 in May and I have another on the way in August. This looks like a great prize! My little guys favourite book right now is Richard Scarry’s Hop Aboard.

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