JetBlue’s Spin on Crying Babies on Airplanes

For many parents, flying with a baby is pretty stressful so I love this Mother's Day promotion JetBlue came up with.

I can only imagine the level of stress some parents feel getting on an airplane.

Sure, some people can say “babies cry, get over it” but I really love how JetBlue came at it.

In honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue had an in-flight promotion that rewarded passengers with a discount every time a baby cried. By the time the plane landed everyone was applauding the cranky fliers.

I know, I know, people are going to belly ache that this is the way it should always be, but I still think it was a great way to reinforce the support many passengers already support these parents.

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  • I’ve got two children and I will never take a baby on an airplane, I think it’s rude. I don’t know why parents would want to deal with that. I would be willing to bet that a large majority of plane rides parents take with babies are completely optional. Funerals being one rare exception.

    • So just because you are a parent you or your children should never get to go on an optional vacation? Driving isn’t always a realistic option. I fly with my two small children once to twice a year. They are not perfect but also not horrible. I believe we should be able to go on a family vacation.

    • How about the relocation of your family due to work? Or to meet a grandparent in another country that is ill and therefor can’t fly to meet the new grand baby. Or for a wedding your walking baby is participating in. Or to take a family vacation. But really, Funerals…Definitely funerals!

    • seriously?!!! What about people who have family across the country? So your saying my kids should never see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Michigan. Or great grandparents I’m Florida, because we live in California with my side of the family? I think it’s rude that someone thinks their happiness and comfortablilty is above anyone else’s. I wasn’t a mom until age 33, started flying as an adult at age 18, never once was I ever bothered by a child crying on a flight. Too bad if I have to listen to a kid crying every so often during a 4 hour flight. It’s four hours of your life, big deal!

    • I bet a lot of flights you go on are optional and no body should have to deal with your cry baby ass, so how about you just keep your fat diaper butt home instead of disturbing others. Unless you got a funeral to fly to, just make sure you pack extra Pampers for yourself. You selfish child.

    • I feel sad that you find a crying baby so disturbing that you would take such an extreme position. Your children will live limited lives, if you make this kind of decision about everything that “might” disturb another person while they are around.

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