La Petite Crème Giveaway

Win one of three prizes from La Petite Creme – the convenient French-inspired diapering lotion for chemical-free diapering! Open to the U.S.


Discover La Petite Creme, the convenient French-inspired diapering lotion for chemical-free diapering! The only ‘Liniment Oleo Calcaire’ made in USA. 

According to experts, the first cause of diaper rash is a “prolonged contact with urine and stool.” That’s why Pediatricians recommend applying some kind of protective product (jelly, cream, powder) onto the skin before putting the new diaper on at every diaper change.But how easy is it to skip that step and put the new diaper right on? Really… (no judging here!)

What if the product you used to wipe your baby was also a protective lotion? A cleanser than protects 2-in-1: Pretty neat!

And what if it was 100% natural, hypoallergenic and free of all the bad chemicals commonly found in baby wipes? And it was safe to use with cloth diapers? Even better!

Discover La Petite Crème! Based on a traditional French recipe (of course it had to come from the damn French!), this diapering lotion is composed mostly of Olive Oil and Limewater (Limestone) and is meant to replace baby wipes. Yes! A lotion to replace wipes.

So, how does it work?

  1. Remove the dirty diaper (disposable or cloth diaper)
  2. Take a plain cotton pad (disposable) or a soft cotton washcloth (washable)
  3. Put the necessary amount of lotion on the cotton/washcloth
  4. Wipe the skin with the lotion-impregnated cotton/washcloth (repeat steps #2 to #4 until all clean) And Voila!

This will not only naturally clean and disinfect the skin but also leave a thin layer of Olive Oil that creates a barrier against direct contact with future pee or poop (remember: the main cause of diaper rash according to experts…).

La Petite Crème was founded in 2015 by Cecile and Fanny – French-born Mompreneurs from Florida – who want to give babies and parents in North America a chance to experience a safer, more natural diapering routine.

Now it’s time for YOU to enter for a chance to get YOUR hands on the ultimate French parents’ diapering trick!

PRIZES (3 winners):

#1. One La Petite Crème Starter Kit with Cotton Pads + monthly delivery of an extra 8 oz bottle for the next 3 months ($65 value)
#2. One La Petite Crème Starter Kit with washcloths ($20 value)
#3. One La Petite Crème 8 oz everyday bottle with dispensing pump ($15 value)

La Petite Crème

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