Check out for great personalized products for
before and after your baby is born.

Shop for Baby Shower decor to personalize your shower. Personalized
, favor packaging, gift
, and invites
can help tie the theme all together, or wrap all gifts in our personalized
gift wrap

Plus, we have personalized labels for almost everything your baby owns. This
way, all blankies, clothing, bottles, and sippy cups come home from daycare or
playdates.  Extra important if your
child has allergies of any kind. 
We have soft personalized
clothing labels
and  personalized  sticker labels (waterproof
and safe for microwave, fridge, freezer) to help your or your caregivers avoid
any mixups.



  • Soft polyester labels in your choice of
    woven designs with printed text, printed text only, or fully woven labels.
  • Iron on labels are designed to withstand
    washing/drying/dry cleaning and will last the lifetime of the item to which
    they are applied. (sew-on styles available too)


  • Made of durable polyester and safe for
    fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave
  • Use for labeling bottles, sippy cups, food
    containers, toys, books, or for allergy alert


  • Available in double face satin, gingham,
    polka dot , and textured styles
  • 10 yds minimum order (most companies are 50
    or 100 yards)


  • Your message is letterpress/debossed on to
    our luxury, heavyweight wrapping paper. Makes the packaging as special as the
    gift inside.

Name Maker’s personalized products have been
featured on Martha Stewart, The Today Show,,, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine and Oprah.

You can also find these guys on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Good luck!

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