The Pregnant Chicken Store is Open!

I did it. I finally got some goodies in an online store!

You know what is more frustrating and difficult for a designer to do than upload and create things on a pre-formatted template? Nothing. There is nothing more frustrating but I thought this shit was funny so I stuck with it.

I looked high and low for a place to put this stuff.

I needed a place that looked reliable (I don’t need that nonsense), printed on demand (9,000 shirts with a typo? No thanks), offered maternity shirts (no, sorry buddy, XL men’s shirts aren’t the same), ships worldwide (don’t get me going on that), did more than just shirts (this bitch needs a mug), and didn’t have a site that looked like Walt Disney’s prostitute threw up on it (order now and get a free budgie!).

That’s why I ended up with Zazzle.

I’ve ordered a few things from them and they were great. I had a t-shirt that I made for my brother’s company turn up with the registration off (insert designer eye twitch) and they were fantastic about reimbursing me and reprinting it. Customer service is where it’s at, man.

So I got to making all the little things that could be printed on my shirts, mugs, trucker hats, you name it and finally got them uploaded. Phew.

The other thing I really liked about Zazzle is if you like something, you can print it on anything. I got some stuff printed on the maternity shirts and I found they ran pretty true to size, but some of the t-shirts ran small. So if you’re tiny and would be swimming in a maternity shirt then you can print it on something that would be a better fit (also, I hate you a little bit) or on a mug, hat, or dog shirt  – I don’t judge. You can also make the artwork larger or smaller, or change the colour and style of the product it’s on.

The store is called ChickenPicks simply because PregnantChicken was taken. How that was possible was beyond me, but it’s a sweet little store that was in no way trying to copy the Burd so I didn’t go all ballistic on them.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Below is just a sample of the killer swag I have in the store – I also have a bunch more that I’m going to upload – but feel free to email me with any ideas or suggestions at [email protected]

Trucker hat! Toot toooooooot!


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