P.S. XO Party Boxes

Throwing a baby shower isn’t too complicated right? Blue for a boy, pink for a girl, and yellow or green for a sweet little mystery.

Except when you try to find all the stuff, and nothing matches. Or you can’t find the sweet little tassel hanging thingies you saw on Pinterest.

Well, enter P.S. XO.

“We deliver beautiful parties right to your doorstep, reducing stress and giving you more time to enjoy milestone moments with your loved ones. ”

They sent me the It’s a Boy! Baby Shower Party Box, and holy crap is it ever beautiful. You can tell a lot of care and thought went into picking the items instead of running around the dollar store screaming “Feck! The shower is tomorrow and I can’t find those stupid straws I wanted.”

At first I balked a little at the price for the full party box – $100 isn’t cheap – but if you’re working with more budget than time, then this is a real life-saver. Plus, all the running around is already done for you so you’re not making expensive mistakes along the way.

They also have boxes for Halloween, Themed parties (princess, pirate, jungle, etc.) and just plain ole pretty.

They also just launched an app that allows you to plan a party directly from your iPhone and iPad – from designing the invitation to sending thank-you notes. Easy peasy.

Anyway, it’s something to consider when you’re pulling your next party together. Throw in a store bought cake and a bottle of tequila and you’ve got yourself a damn good time. Maybe that’s just my parties.

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