Round Up – Issue 1: September 2012

Every so often I come across something that’s really cool so I post it on Facebook, Twitter or Pin it, but I thought I would do a monthly round up of the things I thought were neat in one spot.

Here’s the first issue of Pregnant Chicken’s Round Up. Yeeehaw!

Ava Baby’s: An online store that specializes in clothing for newborns and babies born prematurely. She even has clothing for babies as wee as 1lb to wear. My friend had twin boys in the NICU and it was incredible just how little they were and how they were swimming in 0-3 sleepers (especially considering the little hulks they are now).



Pure Play Kids: These guys sell, design and manufacturer kid-powered, creative toys. Over 90% of their toys are made in the USA (they have a couple of Canadian products too) and the rest are made in Europe to ensure the highest product quality and safety. They had a lot of great stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else.


Baby DIY: I started a new board on Pinterest called Baby DIY that includes these scratch mittens from Speckled Owl Studio. Some things are ambitious and you have to have talent – like the stuff you knit and the bad ass baby gate – but there’s a swaddling blanket and a change pad that I think even I could swing.


If you have a toddler and a baby, please take a picture like this from Documenting Delight. It makes my heart melt. Also, if you live in Brisbane, Australia, hire this woman to photograph your life. Clearly she’s brillant.


OvaOva: When founder Amanda emailed me about her new site saying, “With Ova Ova we’re trying to provide women with information about their fertility in a way that is informative, upfront, and most importantly non-cheesy or condescending.”, I knew I had to check it out. The site is clean, simple and easy to follow so whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying *not* to get pregnant, it may be worth looking in to.


Rekindled Lightboxes: These are lovely night light boxes created from vintage dictionary prints. Deidra, the artist that makes them, sent me one of her Batman & Robin lightboxes after I made such a fuss over them and my son’s head nearly exploded. I ended up buying a Spiderman version for my other son to avoid bedtime meltdowns of who got the damn light in their room. It gives off enough light to give their bedrooms a nice glow, but not so much that it feels like your in a 2 am chopper search for a B and E suspect.


This has nothing to do with pregnancy, but I’m making one of these signs for my kitchen.

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